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Justin Bieber Is Back: What To Expect From The New Album ‘Changes’

The singer’s new music proposal includes delicate themes, such as depression and mental health,  both of which Bieber has gone through and openly talked about. In addition, the album still talks about love … More specifically his relationship with his wife, Hailey Bieber.

Changes – The New Album

After suffering from depression and being diagnosed with Lyme disease, Bieber relies on love, for Hailey and for God, to make a more sincere album. In Changes, he presents a reflection on his personal struggles in the past years. The songs are more contained, with the absence of a dancing style.

Most of the album is made of sentimental songs that refer to relationships. The first song, All Around Me, is dedicated to Bieber’s wife, Hailey, and talks about the love between them. Yummy, the first released, has some sexual overtones. The title track of the album, Changes, escapes the theme of love when talking about Bieber’s transformation during these last years out of the spotlight.

Regarding the rhythms that compose Changes, R&B and Hip-Hop predominate. Compared to his other productions, the album is more similar to Journals, released in 2013. The musical partnerships reflect that. Among the featuring, we find Post Malone, Kehlani, Quavo and Travis Scott. In addition to these participations, the album’s technical file has 11 producers, among them Poo Bear, Justin’s partner since 2013.

Why did Justin Bieber left music? 

Justin Bieber went through very difficult moments after the release of his last album, from his 18 to 21 years old. No one knew exactly why. They only knew that he wanted to feel like a normal person, and no longer be surrounded by the spotlight all the time. There were six months that were the worst of his life, as he says, “his darkest days”.

Singing and being close to the fans was always what he loved the most, but he needed a moment to himself. So he decided to cancel his tour and get away from it all with his wife Hailey, his partner who was at his side and was always his greatest strength.

After two years away from the stage, the singer Ariana Grande, a friend of Justin Bieber, asked him to participate in her show full of fans to feel again what it was like to perform. He felt it was the right time to return and made it clear, at Ariana’s concert, that he was producing a new album. Of course, all the fans went crazy.

His motivation to compose and train his singing became strong again. He scheduled the dates with his advisor, stating that he would return to the stage, and that was what he most wanted to do.

“My life is changing a lot. Getting married, getting back in the studios, talking about getting married like this, writing about the process and just being creative with being in this new chapter and being happy about what I’m doing and not like, I don’t know, just being a good head space. Better headspace.”

For having entered the life of a singer very early, people almost always made all the choices for him. But now, in this new album, the whole creation was done, mainly, by him. He remade the songs countless times, so it would be perfect.

Justin creates countless ideas and songs and, from there, puts them all together and handpicks his favorites. His work has such a positive result, as he is surrounded by excellent professionals who admire his effort and love for what he does. He never liked many people around him, so his team is about five people. For the editing of the songs, it’s just him and his great partner, Josh.

“The Dark Days”

There was a time in his life when Bieber believed that he should  follow the steps of other singers. So he started using numerous drugs, including, among others, syrups and ecstasy,. People approached Bieber out of interest, because they knew he was always drinking and smoking, and they wanted to have that way of life for them too.

He felt a huge and paralyzing anxiety, but because he didn’t have a right diagnosis for that, he didn’t know exactly what he felt and used to self-medicate to feel better. As he stated “It helped to feel nothing.”

Despite his great success, he had very turbulent days as well. From the age of 18, Bieber was aimless, making the wrong decisions, like driving while intoxicated, taking slits and refusing to be arrested. Decisions that were constantly disseminated in the media, generating a very negative image of him.

Bieber believes that the behaviors he had when he was younger were the result of the education he had as a child, since his mother was very young when he was born and his father had never been an involved father, always in intense fights with his mother. Therefore, he began to have irresponsible attitudes. 

After realizing that he was near death, to the point where his security guards often came into his room to check his pulse, Bieber decided to abandon the life of drugs. So, in 2019, he went into treatment to restore his health and cleanse his body of all the problems he had in his past. 

Are you interested in learning more about Justin’s story? Access his YouTube channel and learn more in his new documentary!



The article above was edited by Gabriela Girardi.  

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