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“Julie And The Phantoms” Should Be Renewed And Here’s Why

* Warning: This article contains spoilers *

If there is one question that won’t go away, it is: when will the second season of “Julie And The Phantoms” happen? The plot, based on a Brazilian series with the same name, revolves around Julie Molina (Madison Reyes), a student who lost her love for music after the death of her mother. She goes back to singing after meeting three musician ghosts from the 90’s, Luke (Charlie Gillespie), Reggie (Jeremy Shada), and Alex (Owen Joyner), who died tragically. Together, they form the band Julie and The Phantoms and live a lot of turmoil. Even though the series is aimed at young teenagers, it conquered a great audience from the streaming platform Netflix.

Here are 5 reasons why “Julie And The Phantoms” must be renewed:

Unanswered questions

At the end of the first season, the plot left many open questions, leaving viewers curious. During the whole series, Julie cannot touch her ghost friends, but in the last episode, they hug, leaving us suspicious of why this has happened. Beyond that, Caleb (Cheyenne Jackson), the ghost who cursed the boys, enters the body of Nick (Sacha Carlson), Julie’s classmate, and begins to make a plan against the band, implying that the second season would bring answers to these questions. However, the biggest point that everyone wants to see is the long-expected kiss between Julie and Luke, and if this will lead to a relationship.

Impressive soundtrack

In addition to the story being captivating and very entertaining, the soundtrack does not disappoint. Many of the songs, if not all, carry an emotional connection because of how they are used in the series. There are slow songs that will make you cry and bring your feelings to the surface, and songs that will make you want to stand up and dance. The success of the tracks was giant and, with a new season, it can become even bigger.

Alex & Willie

In the plot, Alex, the band’s drummer, brings part of the representation of the series with him, being openly gay since 1995. Willie (Booboo Stewart) and Alex show us the importance of having a children’s series with representation. Consequently, it makes us want a sequence, so we can see more of the relationship and if they will stay together.


A major factor of the series is the way it inspires and teaches valuable lessons Some of them are: do not give up on your dreams and run after what you love; ask your friends for help whenever you need it, they are there to support you; value your family and show that you love them. As subtle as they may be, these lessons become an important element in the series and make us fall even more in love with it.

Characters that we want to know more about

In the first season, many other characters are presented, like Nick, who appears to want more than just a friendship with the protagonist, Julie’s younger brother Carlos (Sonny Bustamante), and best friend Flynn (Jadah Marie). However, their stories are not developed in such depth, and with a second season, we would have an opportunity to know more about the secondary characters.

Kenny Ortega, the director of the series, revealed recently that the coronavirus pandemic is one of the reasons why the musical production has not yet been renewed, but, according to him, this will be solved soon. Hopefully, the good news is coming.


The article above was translated by Isabela Noveli and edited by Laura Okida.

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