From a Joke to a Possible Human Disaster: Get to Know What is The Area 51

A simple joke on social media almost became a possible serious human disaster. Matty Roberts, who is 20 years old, created an event on Facebook in order to gather people to pay a little visit to the well known Area 51. However, the “little” group became a huge group with almost 3,5 million people interested on going. The “Storm Area 51, they can´t stop all of us” got out of control and Roberts claimed that it was not what he was planning at first.

Other than serious matter of a break-in of a government military base, the occurred became the source of a lot of memes on social media and generated a higher interest on the base itself.

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Annually, Area 51’s conspiracy theories draws a bunch of tourists around the world. When we think about it, the first thought that comes to our minds is unanimous: aliens. But, when we search a bit about the whole thing, we realize a total different reality.

Area 51 was first built during the Cold War, and it’s located on southern Nevada, USA. What happens inside of it is a “total secret”, but, at first, it was used as a testing and development facility for aircraft. Officially, the area is a classified US Air Force facility in the Nevada Test and Training Range, and it was used by CIA to develop and test some airplanes for the war. But one specific airplane helped the whole mess: the U-2 reconnaissance plane, which was meant to spy on the Soviet Union.

The U-2 was regularly mistaken for a UFO by civilians, and that happened because the airplane could fly so high that people wouldn’t quite wrap up their minds around it. In late 70’s, management of the facility was turned over to the US Air Force. However, the government didn't acknowledge its existence publicly until 2013, when the CIA published some documents confirming it.

By the way, President Obama was the first one to mention Area 51.

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But you might be wondering, what about the theories? Well, essentially it’s what made Area 51 so famous. Let’s check it out a few of the most famous theories!

The US government uses the Area 51 to test alien technology? That’s right, that’s what you read. A man named Bob Lazar, that worked on Area 51, allegedly said that he tested “Element 115”, or moscovium, a synthetic chemical element, which generated a very potent gravitational wave that could move a spaceship. He never proved any of his words, though.

There are captured aliens at the base? An identified man spread a rumor that extraterrestrials were kept in the base to submit to exams and tests to check their origins and abilities. The theory gained strength when a video of an allegedly alien autopsy was shared, however the content was recently categorized as fake.

Alien and human hybrids are being created there? That's maybe the weirdest theory ever created regarding Area 51. It is said that the base is also a laboratory that promotes experiments with aliens and humans, in an attempt to create a new race joining the two species. There are even details of how those trials were conducted but there was never any evidence.

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Last but not least, area 51 doesn’t even exist. Contradicting all the movements and theories that were created so far, there are people that believe there is no such thing as Area 51. Those people claim that the space was once where experiments with aliens and UFOs were made, but the scientist moved a long time ago. Nowadays, the place would only be maintained to withdrawn attention of the curious people to another place, other than the real one.

What actually goes on in that famous place — if there is even something there — maybe it’s a secret forever, or until the aliens take over the Earth. But until then, there is no harm in creating theories and having the excitement of a long lasting mystery at hand. However, the believing and excitement went too far this time. Maybe all is fair in love and aliens.