Jessica Jones: The Struggle Between Hero And Villain

Spoiler alert!

Jessica Jones' third season has an interesting relationship with the word’s hero and villain. It's unexpected and tragic all at the same time.

In the new season, Gregory Salinger is the serial killer that murder those he considers “unworthy” of the advantage’s life gives them, specially the super powered ones. Salinger is human and has no power of his own, unlike Kilgrave and Jessica’s mother in the past seasons. 

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Salinger appears when Jessica meets Erik at a bar and they go back to her apartment, where she gets stabbed. Erik Gelden has the power of seeing the bad in people, and he gets a really strong headache. He uses that to blackmail bad people to pay of his rent. Salinger was one of them. In the end of the season, Erik realizes that he could use this power to help Jessica or the police to arrest the bad guys.

The season gained a different appearance having two episodes only of Jessica's sister. Trish Walker is one of the big stars this season. After experiencing experiments on her body to gain superpowers, she realizes that they worked and that now she could be the heroine Jessica never was. She is so focused on doing justice for those who suffer from the lousy New York City police system, that she ends up losing her own identity and essence. In the middle of the series, Trish suffers a great loss. His mother is tortured and murdered by Gregory Salinger. From that moment, Trish reveals who she really is. A vigilant who does not measure efforts to make those who are bad paid for their acts, even if it means that they must die. In the end, Trish realizes she is the bad guy and ends up in jell. 

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Other characters who had a lot of importance over the course of the season are Malcolm and Jeri. Malcolm is working at Jeri's law firm as an investigator. He feels that what he is doing at the moment is not what he really would like to be doing. For him, his actions hurt more than help people. His work would be making him a dark person. 

Jeri tries to reconnect with the great love of her life, Kith. The lawyer finds a great mistake made by Peter, Kith's husband, and decided to make it public with the hope that it will bring Kith back to her. Even knowing that she will soon die, Jeri's actions continue to be selfish and planned.

This season reflects well the gray area between what you say and what you do. What makes you a hero or a villain. It makes you think that good people and do bad things and bad people can do good things.