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Janice: The Most Overlooked Fashion Icon Of “Friends”

Oh My God! Certainly, if you’re a fan of the legendary sitcom Friends, you read this famous catchphrase in Janice’s voice. Known for her nasal tone and extravagant laughter, the character, played by Maggie Wheeler, knows how to show off in each episode she participates in, and, despite having controversial attitudes, she is very dear to the public.

 Even though Rachel is remembered as the most fashionable one, Janice also had a great style. At the time, she was a little misunderstood, but today, many of the outfits she wore are trending. Never afraid of standing out, Janice always wore looks with different prints and striking colors, which are totally in demand in 2021.

Here’s the proof that Janice is completely ignored when it comes to her fashion choices. Check out a couple of her most iconic outfits!

Animal Print

Let’s start with animal print, which is one of the character’s trademarks. Today, besides being used in everyday wear, it is also present in many showcases of famous brands. It can be said that leopard print is part of a timeless fashion, but combining it with vibrant tones, just like Janice did, has become a current trend. In addition, this type of print wasn’t commonly worn from head to toe. At most, women wore a piece of clothing and an accessory, such as a handbag or shoes. However, Janice already predicted that an entire leopard look would be extremely stylish.

Monochromatic Look

The character also adheres to monochromatic outfits, with the famous puff sleeves, which are very successful in women's fashion nowadays. Wearing only one color is super popular, because it is a simple way to create an elegant and polished look. Especially during quarantine, many people want easy outfits to stay home and still remain stylish. According to Glamour Magazine, “There’s no easier way to make a statement”. And puff sleeves are so chic! The trend has even made its way to the runways. If you want to look fancy for video calls, even just from the waist up, puff sleeves are a great option!

Colorful Earrings

She doesn’t stop there, we've identified another trend foreseen by the character. Now, let's talk about jewelry! Janice was a huge fan of big and colorful earrings, which, when "Friends" was recorded, were just beginning their successful journey in the fashion world. Currently, it’s extremely stylish to combine basic clothes with a flashy earring. The accessory totally transforms the look! If you want to pull off bold outfits, as Janice does, you can also mix bright colors. In the look illustrated in the video, for example, it’s clear that she was not afraid to wear a pink earring with a blue sweater. Tone on tone remains beautiful, but the colored earrings give a modern and edgy twist to the outfit. As usual, Janice participated in the launch of this trend. OH MY GOD! Always so visionary!

There you have it! It is more than evident that Janice was way ahead of her time when it comes to fashion trends. She is definitely one of the most stylish icons of "Friends". An authentic and confident woman could never get out of style!



The article above was edited by Amanda Moraes.

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