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It’s Christmas Time! #5 Rom-Coms To Watch If You Love Christmas

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The Christmas queen Mariah Carey already announced it: “It’s Time!!!!”. Christmas season is upon us and that means lots of fabulous songs, great food, family time, and, of course, a cozy blanket to watch our beloved Christmas films.

Thinking of that, we gathered 5 Rom-Coms that you must watch if you love this heart-warming holiday!

1 – Happiest Season (2020)

We have Kristen Stewart and Dan Levy in the cast. Come on, just with this information, you should be convinced to watch this movie. 

The Twilight star is Abby, a lesbian who is not a fan of Christmas. She is John’s (Levy’s character) best friend and is in a long-term relationship with Harper (Mackenzie Davis), who isn’t out to her family yet.

When the couple goes to Harper’s parents’ house for the holidays, Abby finds out that, for them, she is only Harper’s good friend and roommate. Then, this secret starts to affect their relationship and is shown to be a hard one to keep.

It’s a sweet movie about being true to yourself, while longing for your family’s acceptance, as well as about friendship, love, grief, and a sweet love story between two women in one of the most beautiful, yet potentially stressful, times of the year.

2 – Last Christmas (2019)

“Last Christmas I gave you my heart, but the very next day, you gave it away”. This movie is inspired by this fantastic and timeless song by Wham!, which, besides naming the album, also names the movie.

This is Kate’s story, a selfish young woman who works in a year-round Christmas store as an elf. Played by Emilia Clarke, the wannabe singer is unhappy and makes all kinds of bad decisions, until she meets a mysterious and sweet guy named Tom (Henry Golding).

From that point on, they get into adventures, we learn about her past, her family, her dreams, and, of course, we witness a sighs worthy love story destined to warm our Christmas loving hearts. Oh, and, in the end, there is a twist!

3 – The Princess Switch (2018)

Ok, this one stars High School Musical’s Vanessa Hudgens is not only in one part, but two. So, my point is: just go ahead and watch it, because you know it’s gonna be a great one!

Stacy DeNovo (Vanessa Hudgens), a Chicago baker, travels alongside her best friend and business partner, Kevin (Nick Sagar), to Belgravia to compete in a Christmas baking competition there. Lady Margaret Delacourt (Vanessa Hudgens) is engaged to Crown Prince Edward of Belgravia (Sam Palladio) and is also in town. One day, they bump into each other and are shocked by how much they look alike.

What to do when, in a strange foreign country, you find, out of the blue, your doppelganger? You switch lives, doh! 

Curious? Well, this fun and romantic story has two other movie sequels for you to binge-watch with no regrets. So get some choco and get cozy, because Christmas and love are in Belgravia’s air!

4 – A Christmas Prince (2017)

Continuing the jingle-bells straight from the Netflix royalty, we got A Christmas Prince

It introduces us to Amber Moore (Rose McIver), a young aspiring American magazine reporter, who is sent to Aldovia to cover a press conference given by soon-to-be king Prince Richard (Ben Lamb). In a big misunderstanding, she is mistaken for the Prince’s little sister, Emily’s (Honor Kneafsey) new tutor. Amber takes this opportunity to play undercover at the palace and maybe finally get her big break. 

It’s a story about misjudgment, friendship, love, and a snow-white Christmas. And what is also great about this movie? It is the first one out of a trilogy. This way, we get to see the beginning, the ,middle and the happily ever after of this sweet romantic Christmas story.

5 – Single All The Way (2021)

And finishing with a cherry on top, we got Single All The Way. It is the first Netflix Christmas movie that stars a gay couple and it premieres on December 2nd.

Peter (Michael Urie) has to go back home for Christmas. To hide the fact that he is still single, he convinces his best friend, Nick (Philemon James), to pretend all those friendship years lead them to fall in love and become boyfriend and boyfriend. 

When they get to Peter’s hometown, however, they find out his mother, Carole (Karhy Najimy), has set him up for a blind date with the personal trainer James (Luke Macfarlane), and our main character really likes the idea.

This funny story takes some turns into a love triangle that gets the best friends and the family to question if they should take the friendship to the next level or keep things as they are. You know, it’s just like some of our favorite romantic comedies, so what could go wrong?

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