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“It’s A Beautiful Day To Save Lives”: What Can We Expect From The New Season Of Grey’s Anatomy?

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Picking up where we left off

Season eighteen was marked by the return of a very special character, Dr. Addison Montgomery, played by Kate Walsh. After her last appearance in the eighth season, she returned in a very emotional scene, where she meets Meredith and Derek’s kids, leaving the audience in tears.

But the real question is, can we expect the comeback of other old members of Grey Sloan? *SPOILER ALERT* Yes, we can! Teddy Altman and Owen Hunt are just a couple of names that are scheduled to appear. We can also expect to see Dr. Miranda Bailey and Dr. Richard Webber on these new episodes, alive and kicking since season one.

New cast

As James Pickens (Dr. Webber) has posted on his social media, this new season is coming strong with a new cast. Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital is receiving a new group of interns. The new additions will be played by Adelaide Kane, Niko Terho, Harry Shum, Alexis Floyd, and Midori Francis. Will the new cast take us back to the good old days when Seattle Grace’s halls were occupied by our favorite interns? Will there be a new 007?

We will have to settle for the new class because there is no prediction that Sandra Oh, Justin Chambers, and Katherine Heigl are planning on coming back any time soon.

Seventeen years of Grey’s Anatomy

After almost twenty years of this TV Show, many people wonder how it still is a big hit. As a fan, I may have the answer to that question. As the seasons go by, you start to care deeply about all of the characters (or most of them), and even though the cast members changed a lot with the years, you just can’t let go, because the show starts to be part of your life.

Heads of to Shonda Rhimes and Krista Vernoff for creating such an enticing plot that can almost hypnotize the viewer, making you want more and more, and that’s how they got to nineteen seasons.

ellen Pompeo

Speaking of the old crew, in this season we can expect to see a lot less of Dr. Meredith Grey. Even though she is the leading figure, she will be appearing in only eight episodes this season. Rumor has it that Ellen Pompeo is slowly preparing the audience for her leaving very soon. She has made it clear in previous interviews that she doesn’t see a big future for Meredith, making us believe that the ending may be a lot closer than once thought.

Is it over?

With the recent statements that Ellen Pompeo gave, we are bound to believe that the show is coming to its end. After all, it is named after Meredith Grey, so, for me at least, it’s tough to believe that they would go on without her. But, we all know that this world isn’t as glamorous as it seems, and the biggest issue on the table is definitely the money that Grey’s Anatomy made, and still makes, every year.


There are many theories about the ending of Grey’s Anatomy. I must say that one of my favorites is the one that the whole show takes place inside Meredith’s head, after developing Alzheimer’s, just like her mother Ellis Grey. This theory certainly gives the chance to the old cast to come back for the grand finale, which personally, I think would be a massive success among the fans community. 

Another theory that is very popular on the internet is that the show will end with Zola becoming an intern at Grey Sloan Memorial, and Meredith will become Chief of Surgery, making the same speech that Dr. Webber made when she first got to the program.

There certainly are a lot of possibilities for the end of the show, but we’ll just have to wait to see what Shonda and Krista have prepared for us. For now, we’ll have the opportunity to enjoy the episodes we have left. Can’t wait for season nineteen!

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