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Is Gen Z a difficult generation to work with?

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Generation Z is a group of people who were born between 1995 and 2010 and are characterized by their mastery of new technologies. This new generation enters the job market with a younger perspective, which has its benefits but can sometimes take away their credibility.

Generation Z and the job market

Gen Z has greater knowledge of new technologies, and social networks and is better acquainted with the virtual world, is more up-to-date, has an open mind to new trends, and is closer to young audiences. 

From their perspective, work should be a flexible environment with adaptable schedules and the possibility of remote work models, depending on the career path. They seek for balance between the areas of life. This contrasts with the idea boomers have, for example. The older generation believes the extra effort of working full days and weekends can help people to be successful. 

Also, most of Gen Z do not wish to work for the same company for a long time and they have various reasons for that, such as wanting different experiences in the job market. Boomers on the other hand are proud to have been in the same company since they were young, aiming for more stabilized financial goals as an example.

Is this generation a disadvantage to the job market?

According to a survey made by Estadão in 2023 about criticism of Gen Z’s behavior in the workplace, the biggest complaints are about inappropriate clothing for specific situations, difficulty in keeping schedules and dealing with routines, lack of communication skills, difficulty in managing workload and propensity to be “easily” offended.

Despite these critics, it is important to realize that every generation will have its conflicts with another, younger or older. Generation Z has been raised amidst new circumstances and historical context, so is expected that their behavior to be different.

In this scenario, the job market is adaptable and can support diverse thoughts and actions. Whether you are from Gen Z or not, accepting the differences in the workplace can make it more interesting.


The article above was edited by Camila Lutfi.

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