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Is BBB22 a flop? 7 Reality TV Shows To Watch Instead

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Since January 2022, Brazilians are going through an annual period in which the entire Twitter community turns to comment on the same televised event: the reality show Big Brother Brasil. Even before the show's premiere, trending topics are already buzzing with opinions on the participants, tests and the best part: the discussions. After the success of the two latest editions of the show, which broke audience and voting records, the public was dreaming of a group formation that would exceed viewers' expectations. But this year, things don't seem to be heating up as much as people had hoped.

During the first weeks of confinement, it was already clear to say that there wouldn’t be participants as remarkable as Karol Conká or Felipe Prior, responsible for leading some of the most memorable disagreements in the history of reality.

In addition to that, two participants, Viny and Eslovênia, got the audience excited about the possibility of new versions of Juliette Freire and Gil do Vigor, prominent members of the previous version, who became symbols of the northeast region culture and enchanted the nation with their unique charisma. The members of this edition, however, turned out to be a lot less charismatic and did not fulfill the expected role.

It is worth mentioning the public’s criticism about the quality of the physical tests, which have been declining in comparison to past editions. An example of this decline was the test that took place on March 11, which made the participant Lucas Bissoli the leader of the week. For more than 23 hours, participants had to remain standing on a rotating carousel, with no pauses to eat, drink or go to the bathroom. However, after almost a whole day, the end of the competition was declared and the decision was made by drawing lots, disregarding the efforts of those who intended to stay longer and resist for the win.

So, for those who are in love with reality shows, but are feeling disappointed by the BBB22 flop, here is a list of 7 perfect options that will give that amazing feeling of excitement that we have been missing.


With 3 available seasons, Too Hot To Handle challenges participants (very naughty ones, I might add) to spend the duration of the reality without practicing any form of sexual interaction, from kisses to hotter stuff. But what if they don't resist? In this case, the consequences apply to the final cash prize (which can be divided or given to a single participant), which is deducted according to each sexual activity performed. The more they kiss, the less they earn at the end of the show. Do you think they can handle it? What I can say is that choosing between sex and money will not be easy for these participants.


Do you believe in love at the first listen? That’s the question pointed out in “Love is Blind”. A group made up of men and women go on literally blind dates with each other, trying to find real love just by talking to them, without ever seeing each other. But here’s the thing: by the end of that, they have to propose before seeing their loved one. This dilemma leads the participants to two different ways - they will either find the love of your life or see yet another relationship fail terribly. Due to its success, Love Is Blind already has American, Brazilian and Japanese versions. You shouldn't miss this love mess!


Lying in a relationship will be very expensive in the spanish reality show “Amor con fianza”. Six couples are going to be tested with a lie detector, as the host asks them tricky questions. If they answer honestly, extra money is added to the final prize. But, if things go the opposite way and participants lie about their past and faithfulness, they lose money and cause such a huge mess. Tears, screams and kisses are the best words to describe this reality. The only problem is that the latter won't necessarily happen by the end of the show…


Imagine being on a heavenly beach, with the sun shining on your skin and the relaxing sound of the ocean waves. Along with you, there are other gorgeous single participantes, ready to meet new people. It looks like the perfect scenario to enjoy a peaceful time, right? Until you find out that this beautiful place will be shared with your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend. There’s no doubt that their presence will cause trouble and jealousy, as well as serving as an obstacle to meeting new people and starting a summer romance. The perfect recipe for disaster!


If you enjoy the structure of “Big Brother Brasil”, this other brazilian reality show will definitely win you over! Rather than competing by themselves, participants enter the house with their significant others in pursuit of the cash prize win. During the episodes, not only the strength and endurance of the couples will be important in physical tests, but also the love they feel for each other and how much this passion can resist the tension of living in the same house, interacting with other couples. Every episode, two of them are eliminated, and it is not guaranteed that there will be love left at the end of each edition. 

Unfortunately, episodes from previous editions are not available on streaming platforms, but it is worth saving the date of the new season’s premiere on your calendar: December 22, on Record channel.


Just like "Power couple" and "Big Brother Brasil", "A Fazenda" is a Brazilian reality show with the same dynamic of confined participants in a house, who go through physical and intelligence tests and eliminations each week and, in search of winning the final cash prize. 

What makes this show unique is the addition of another task: taking care of a farm that surrounds the house. That includes interacting and taking care of the animals, an arduous task for those who are not used to the countryside everyday routine. 

A new season is set to premiere in September, also on the Brazilian channel Record, and I guarantee that it will yield three months of high-quality entertainment (unlike this year’s BBB flop, we hope).


If you thought the synopsis of "Ex on the beach" was a nightmare, "Naked and afraid"  is even worse! A man and a woman who don't know each other must survive 21 days in a not-so-paradisiacal environment: a wild setting, where food and water have to be conquered the old way: with a lot of hunting and gathering. Oh, and a very important detail - all this without any clothes. Psychologically resisting the experience and dealing with climate change, hunger and thirst is the mission of the courageous participants of this reality show, in which the only prize is survival.


The article above was written by Mariana do Patrocínio and edited by Giulia Gianolla. Liked this type of content? Check out Her Campus Casper Libero for more!

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