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Inside the Red Carpet: How to Style Luxury Trends in Daily Looks

The 74th annual Golden Globes opened the awards season on January 8th, followed by People’s Choice, Screen Actors Guild, Bafta, Grammy, the Oscars and after parties. We had the opportunity to see what stylists and fashion designers prepared to be worn by the biggest celebrities in the world this year and adapted it to our daily lives. These next 6 trends reigned at the red carpets in 2017. Scroll down the page to understand why.


Floral print appears every year with new colour compositions or even on classic romantic dresses. The versatility of it is the reason why the trend still remains strong since the 90s. Giuliana Rancic and Elle King’s dresses have almost the same colour palette – nude, rosé, greenishes, gold – but with two different proposals. Classic and romantic, the first one comes with a high-neck in a dress that is not as soft as the other. Besides that, the second one is also romantic, but brings a higher delicacy. The amount of flowers creates this effect and the quantity of skirt layers too. Elle seems like a fairytale princess. Otherwise, Lea Michele’s two-pieced dress has a huge impact when you look at it, it breaks the myth that floral patterns only work on romantic styles. The see through fabric combined with the black web and the skin-tight model in a two-pieced gown create an even more sexy, confident and fearless outfit.

Maria Luiza’s outfit shows her personality and how she never let the shoes out of the scene. In a black bottom with a lot of tiny yellow flowers, the two-pieced look matches day-by-day situations: she can go to the movies, to the park or even to a picnic: stylish and comfy. Barbara, however, focused on a floral kimono to give her outfit all the necessary romanticity. The dark overalls were used with a casual third piece, creating a cool look with simple clothes. Her outfit can be matched with different shoes, such as a pair of sneakers to walk or sandals to go to a party.


Playful, romantic, funny, angelic or even childish, the most popular print of the season was definitely full of stars. As we can see on Emma Stone’s ethereal dress, the embroidery takes us to a world of imagination, lightness and delicacy. The effect on Hillary Scott‘s dress, on the other hand, is totally different: because of the dark colour in the background, it reminds us of a night of wishes, celebrations and the celestial body itself. In comparison to older looks, the Dolce&Gabbana dress worn by Fergie in 2011 presents a whole distinct idea. In this case, a classic five-pointed star print is portrayed in a cool and unpretentious way. Each look shows an interesting way of using the trend, adapting it according to your own style and mood.


Combining modernity and elegance, Marcela wears a dark blue shirt with minimalist stars on it, an asymmetric grey skirt with a leather detail and a pair of black ankle boots with silver stars. While the shirt is a classic, the skirt cut and the extroverted style of the boots give a contemporary touch to the look. It can be used to go to work or for a night out, the success is in the mix of different star prints.


There is no doubt that British events, such as Bafta, bring a whole environment of tradition and charm to the red carpets. Roland Mouret’s outfit chosen by Daisy Ridley to attend the event is a reflection of it. The structured jacket worn by the actress gave the classy dress whole new sportive detail, creating a Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland kind of thing; playful but intelligent. On the contrary, Halsey went to Grammys wearing a super unpretentious and hipster look. Blue silk + the courageous decision to show up braless transformed her sportive look in a brand new trend of red carpets: it seems effortless! At last, Gwendoline Christie and her shimmering black sequin jumpsuit not only added a sport trend on SAG red carpet but it was also a statement of her fight against gender stereotypes. The Game of Thrones star was dressed by Vivienne Westwood and they are known for breaking fashion patterns and being activists of gender issues. The black sequin fabric was a smart decision to cause an impact and represent the empowered woman that the actress is. Boldness is the main word for those who seek a non-cliche sportive look.

Isabella and Sofia’s outfits were assembled with the same key element to create a sportswear look: a bomber jacket. While Isabella invested in a light white jacket with boyfriend measures and a skin-tight neutral midi dress, creating a casual and balanced combination, Sofia opted for a military green bomber, bringing a street element to the sophisticated black and white outfit. Both of them have this cool and sporting vibe mixed to sober pieces. That is why this styling trick allows them to wear these looks in several occasions.


One of the most successful and timeless trends in red carpets history came back with total force this year. As sexy, powerful, mysterious and feminine as always, the slit dress was almost an unanimity in the awards season this year. What makes a look memorable or special is the details. Jennifer Lopez knows that and combined the slit with cleavage, turtleneck and a fluid flower in a Ralph and Russo lilac dress, adding a fairy aspect on her usual sexyness. Chrissy Teigen, at the Oscars, wore a see-through white Zuhair Murad with long sleeves, gold beading, a shining belt and a cape. The result was hypnotizing: it felt like she was floating through the red carpet and the balance between long sleeves and a huge slit was one of the boldest style tricks of all times. Alessandra Ambrosio also chose a Ralph and Russo gown and it was mesmerizing. The model opted for a red, asymmetric and off-shoulder dress with strappy sandals in the same colour and emerald earrings. The combination brought a seductive atmosphere to the look.


 Valéria breaks the austerity of red carpet slit dresses with a flowery print, a modern purple jacket and sneakers instead of high heels. She can easily go to college or meet her friends wearing a slit in a girly way. The choker plays complements the whole outfit.

Wearing a black dress with oriental references, Catarina shows us how to wear a slit with a delicate and discreet sensuality. The bead bracelets transmit nature vibes and gives the look a casual appearance. It can be worn at night with high heels or also go with boots or flat sandals.


Metallic pieces were all over the places on the first semester of 2017 and it seems like they will continue to be popular for the rest of the year. The trend can be found on shoes, dresses, bags, pants, accessories – basically, everything you want to. Charlize Theron invested on a draped dress with v-neck to go to the Oscars. The metallic tone added a modern touch to the black layers of the classic dress, turning it into a shining gown.

Ariel Winter decided to cross the Screen Actors Guild red carpet wearing a sexy golden metallic dress. Showing a lot of skin, she gives a teen factor to a dress made for adults. It is a strong and flamboyant dress but the tulle gives some softness to the outfit. The orange lips helped her to look young and fresh.

As usual, Heidi Klum dared to wear this short silver dress with also silver metallic shoes and accessories. The model can handle and balance this kind of look very well. She can pull of pretty much anything. What was supposed to be a large t-shirt became a fashion dress worn by Heidi to honor her fellow celebrities at Grammys.

Pamela and Yasmin posed for pictures with the same choice of metallic clothes: pants. Pamela impressed us with her rock personality wearing red disco pants and a t-shirt that revealed her lace bra. A clear reference to the 70’s. It’s perfect for a club or parties that allow more stylish looks. Yasmin’s choice brought a different theme to the shooting: a pair of copper metallic crop pants reminded us of punk and boyish references, opposing to the sexyness of the bandage top. Sport sneakers and a folk necklace were added and this mixture creating an awesome and stylish look.


Finally, it’s time for the trend that has already conquered the world. From the closest department shop to the more luxurious brands around the globe, velvet pieces are already for sale. This is one of those meteoric trends that pleases everyone and are so versatile that can be used day and night, in every single piece of clothing, shoe or accessory in your closet.

Taraji P. Henson enchanted fashionists with her minimalist but gorgeous black velvet dress at the Oscars. In a clean silhouette with off-shoulder neckline, a respectable slit and a powerful necklace combined with a black clutch and strappy high heels, her look was the most impactful of the ceremony, a living-proof that sometimes less is more.

Ciara, at the Vanity Fair after party, glowed in a burgundy velvet dress with a deep cleavage and a large choker in her neck. The fabric tenderness suited perfectly well the singer’s pregnancy.

Lastly, Evan Rachel Wood chose blue velvet and proved that a simple suit can become remarkable with the right choice of fabric. Intense red lipstick, black high heels and black lapels were her complements. They taught us a lesson: nothing glamorous is necessary when you already have the magnificence of velvet itself.

Lilian wore three totally distinct outfits with the velvet trend. For the first one, she matched an ethnic skirt with a burgundy velvet top and accessories that gave rocker-glam touch to the look: fishnets, a leather jacket and a pair of western boots. Because of the dark palette of colours she could wear it on night events, but the denim skirt breaks the hardness of the look, allowing her to try it on day-to-day appointments.

The second choice was more casual: a  caramel velvet crop top, a denim overall shorts and a pair of wraparound wedges with a plaid shirt tied around her wais. The style trick here are the wedges, responsible for not letting the outfit become obvious and childish.

Then, her last choice creates a cool effect on whoever is seeing it. Three items were enough to create a fancy-not-so-fancy look, effortless and powerful at the same time. The combination of black velvet pants, a see-through light blue shirt and a pair of fake python lace up boots is perfect to impress in a business meeting without seeming too concerned about the outfit. The gold hoop earrings added a young touch to the outfit. Furthermore, you can pick a satchel bag to play the businesswoman or a clutch to go out. Velvet is versatile, easy to match and it will be elected the most popular trend of 2017 for sure.




Photos: Giovanna Romano

Styling: Lilian Kaori Hamatsu

Text: Giovanna Romano and Lilian Kaori Hamatsu

Cast: Maria Luiza Mões, Barbara Vilar, Marcela Castro, Isabella Pietra, Sofia Costa, Valéria Luizetti, Catarina Borsari, Pamela Malva, Yasmin Mussolin and Lilian Kaori Hamatsu

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