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In Brazil, September was the breakup month! Does astrology explain it?

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Casper Libero chapter.

The ninth month of 2023 ended and with it a lot of relationships also done. Is that just an unfortunate coincidence, or can astrology explain this? 

To answer this question, we had a conversation with Renan Campos — an astrologist who will help us learn better about this topic.

Breakups that marked september 

The pop singer, Luisa Sonza, ended her relationship with Chico Veiga just after releasing a song for him, which title has his name. The singer found out that her boyfriend — now ex — cheated on her. 

Another famous separation that shocked Brazil was Sandy and her partner of many years, Lucas Lima. These two divorced after 24 long years together. 

Ana Castela and Gustavo Mioto, Lexa and Mc Guimê, were other couples that ended their relationships during this month.

For those reasons, a lot of people characterize September as a separation month and went in search if this has any astrology sense.

Can astrology explain this?

For the astrologist, Renan, this says much more about personal transformations than something collective. According to him, “The current astrological movements are personal”. In his vision, what can be influencing this is the retrograde planets. “Mercury was retrograde for a part of September, for example, and this can be doing a breaking movement”. Mercury is the planet of mind and communication, and this can explain a lot about our attitudes and thoughts during this time. 

He said a lot about Saturn and Neptune, individual and generational planets respectively. These two planets were — and still are — retrograde, and this might have influenced that month. “September, the sun was in Virgo, and was in opposition to Saturn and Neptune.”

A lot of astrologists were talking about Venus position, the planet of love and the relational capacity. This planet was retrograde in Lion during the ending of July, until the beginning of September. But what does it mean? Lion is an egoistic sign, turned towards oneself. This can influence in two ways:

First, many people in this period started to prioritize and reconnect with themselves, what they truly need, and this might end up a lot of relationships. On the other hand, this egocentric vision within a loving relationship can also be bad, since one person of the couple doesn’t see their own mistakes, putting all the blame on the other.

Can we blame stars?

It is obvious that each couple has their own reasons for the breakups. Astrology can influence our energies, so you can blame your sign for everything, even some actions.

“But still, the movements are very personal” —says Renan. For him, it’s necessary to analyze each couple to conclude any affirmation. 


The article above was edited by Ana Beatriz Aith.

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