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On April 19th, Taylor Swift released her new album The Tortured Poets Department and a few hours later, the singer shared The Anthology, a version of the album which morphs 16 songs into a 31 song-album.

The album was the most streamed album in a single day in Spotify history, with more than 300 million streams. So, the swifties must have loved the new album… right? Well, not really! Not every fan supported Taylor in this.

On X, many fans shared their complaints about it. Most of the claims are related to the fact that it seems that Swift is not making music on behalf of art, but for her own profit.

Many critics have suggested that the album was overstuffed, and simply not her best work. The New York Times critic posted as the critic title “On The Tortured Poets Department, Taylor Swift Could Use an Editor”.


Swifties have been divided in two groups on social media after the latest album. The first group thinks the album was incredible as always, but the second one – those who had decided to share their frustration – shared on internet that Taylor tried to create an album that has the lyrically power of folklore or evermore, but in the end, she just mixed as many words she could, hoping to create a true piece of high literature.


How Tortured Poets Department sounds to non-Taylor Swift fans. Kinda crazy how this is not far off.. beat produced by bezimeni music #taylorswift #newalbum #torturedpoetsdepartment #poets

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The internet created many jokes about the album, about the length of the album and the lyrics. Besides the critics about the album itself, many are admonishing Taylor for the multiple versions of the poets she is selling on her website, a pure commercial strategy.

Taylor and her american dream relationship

Taylor dealt through her whole career with everyone discussing her relationships, so of course this time it wouldn’t be different. Ever since she started dating Travis Kelce, the media can’t stop talking about it.

As well put by GLAMOUR: “When she glided into Arrowhead Stadium and sat next to the Kansas City Chiefs tight end’s mom in the VIP suite to watch the team play, she not only put that man on the map; she launched herself into previously uncharted territory of the zeitgeist. Every single moment of the game…has been obsessively documented to the point of mania”.

The couple is being perceived like The American couple, and the obsession over those two has become unbearable. 


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okay, we are tired, but it’s not really her fault

Society is getting tired of Taylor, and in the end it is not even her fault. We can compare on a certain level the Taylor’s fatigue to the pandemic situation. While the whole world was going through quarantine, the media bombed us with information about the COVID-19 – which is completely right – and after a certain amount of time, society got tired of hearing the same things all over.

That is what is happening with Taylor. The difference is that in a pandemic we needed to know what was going through, so we could take care of ourselves and loved ones. With Taylor, it’s just a massive amount of gossip about Miss Americana and her records and dates.

Since folklore, Taylor has not stopped – and swifties are thankful for that – but we, as a society, are getting a little tired of seeing her everywhere and in everything. Taylor has definitely become the music industry on a certain level, people are only talking about her and she is loving the attention.

The Eras Tour. Re-recordings. New albums. New dates. Everything. She is living the life of an A-List and we are here for that, but maybe all she has to do is chill a little and respect the fact that she does not have to release a new thing every single month.

The article above was edited by Mariana Aguiar

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