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How to lose a guy in one day: what you shouldn’t do on a first date?

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Casper Libero chapter.

First dates are always charged with a thousand emotions. Some people love it, others hate it! Well, because it’s intense. There is so much anxiety involved. For example: “Which clothes should I wear?”, “Are we gonna kiss? Or just talk?”, “And the make-up: use it or not?”, “What should I say in the first moment? Maybe say that the person is nice and I liked the perfume?”, and another million doubts. But, there’s one specific thing that comes to our minds on this occasion: “Will this guy like me or not?”. Chill out girl, because the HC prepared some tips about what you should NOT do at this moment: the first date. The HC asked some men, between 21 and 46 years old, what could make them give up on the girl, based on the first date experience. Here’s what they said: 


“If she doesn’t show interest in talking about many topics, like “cutting” the chat with short answers, it’s bad.” – Thiago, 21.


“It’s hard to know because it’s been so long I haven’t gone on a date. But the first thing that comes to my mind is ex boyfriends. It’s terrible if the woman mentions her ex, talks about how their relationship was or reminds about a moment and shares it. Yeah, I guess that is it.” – Sidnei, 46.


“Like, you guys are there, interested in each other (technically), but she makes things harder than already are, you know? It’s complicated.” – Thiago, 21.


“It’s horrible when you are talking to the girl and, simply, she gets her phone to check something but go through her Instagram, for example. It shows that she is not interested in you, neither being there with you.” – Thiago, 21.

These are some tips for you, dears. But the HC, as a girls’ club, would like to advise you: just accept the invitation to the date if you are interested. Be honest with yourself and that applies to the other person too. We need to do what makes us happy, take good care of ourselves and of course, always remember to wear a nice outfit too!

We wish you an amazing first date! Watch out, chill out, and enjoy the moment, you deserve it. 


The article above was edited by Giovanna Rodrigues.

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Manuela Arruda

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