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How “House of Dragon” Has Already Won Over “Game of Thrones” Fans and What To Expect From The Next Episodes

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Know the developments of the show so far

Dracarys! HBO´s newest tv show, House of The Dragon, debuted in August 2022, and it is already reaching high numbers of spectators. The series is based on a book written by George R.R Martin, which is called A song of Ice and Fire, released in  2005. The plot of Martin´s work is the competition between two members of the Targaryen family, Rhaenyra and Aegon the II, for the Iron Throne, which represents the command of the seven kingdoms, and their continent, Westeros. But, as far as the show has revealed to us, we can only see Aegon as a baby and her older sister, Rhaenyra, being named as an heir of the throne, although she is told that, as a woman, the reign won´t accept her when she takes on. 

The show is placed in the same universe as one of the most famous series of the last decade, Game of Thrones, but several years earlier. It is no secret that the end of this show wasn´t well accepted by their loyal fans and general critics, so the release of HOTD has been seen by the public as a way of compensating for the failure of its preceding season finale. And, it is working so far! Besides being placed in the same location, themes presented in GOT such as war, political strategies, several deaths, and explicit scenes are also explored in House of The Dragon. It may seem shocking, but those subjects were the ones that made the first show so unique and popular, and they are helping its successor too. 

Some twisted characters, such as Damon Targaryen, are also conquering the fans. The show´s villain is close to Rhaenyra familiarly and strangely, and he is impulsive and manipulative, not afraid of doing what he wants to conquer his objectives. This makes him an unpredictable man, being very intriguing to the public. 

Another factor that is being praised so far is the loyalty to the book, along with more developed scenes. This is happening due to the huge budget invested in the show since HOTD started with 20 million dollars per episode. So, they have more money to recreate the scenes written in the book with the highest quality. 

About the expectations for the next episodes, we should believe that Aegon will grow and, when the actual king, Viserys, dies, his rivalry with his sister and the heir to the throne will start. The second half of the season will start, the show will get tensest and we will follow Rhaenyra´s struggle to maintain her position as queen of the seven kingdoms. I hope to see more dragons too! 

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