How Far Would You Go for Your Idol?

To have an idol is something unique. Only people who are crazy about someone famous know how far can this love take them… That’s why here there is a list for you to see how far some Casperians went.

1. Camping in front of concert's place

Although the rain, the cold and the wind, Milena Carvalho camped to see Katy Perry and on the show’s day she felt very bad because of the crowd and had to watch the show very far.

2. To create and coordinate a fan page

And the page that Larissa Menezes created was formalized by Luan Santana.

3. To send presents by mail

Camila Galuzzi discovered the Emblem 3 address and sent presents to California. However, all of them were returned

4. To chase the van of your idol

Sara Severiano asked to a taxi to follow her idol’s car

5. To climb the stage just to hug your idol

Letícia Trindade went for Gusttavo Lima’s show and got a bracelet that allowed her to go to the VIP area. So, she jumped the grid and then was withdraw by the security guards.

6. To tear a pamphlet until it looks like the bracelet which allows backstage entrance

Sara Severiano did that and had to go underneath the door to have the meeting.

7. To run all over the city expecting to meet your idol

Camila Galuzzi did that and stayed a lot of time on the hotel’s door hoping they would go down… but they didn’t. She promised herself to never be this much fan again.

8. To drag a passed out friend just to see your idol

Giulia Mazza went to the mall to see Zac Efron at the John John’s opening and after her friend pass out there, they continued to try finding him. However, he cancelled the visit for security problems. Today she and her friend plan to go to LA to meet Zac.

9. To use someone's bracelet to meet your idol

Paula Maldi asked a girl who had already seen Armandinho to have her bracelet and got in the backstage. She was expelled, but not without having her photo taken!

10. To watch the concert from the stage

Bia Matera watched the Fresno show above the stage, with the help of Chitãozinho e Xororó's guitarist.

11. To follow your favorite band along their whole tour, including being hosted on the same hotels

Beatriz Battaglia did that for The Maine and four years later she got an invitation from the band for her to go with them to their new tour in United States. All for free! 

12. To choose to travel to other country instead of having a traditional 15th birthday party

Carolina Burzaca went to Toronto only to see One Direction live. And that’s not all, the band came to Brazil two times after that and she was there as well.

13. To write a letter with more than 400 pages

Larissa Menezes wrote that to Luan Santana which she intended to give him on his cruise.

14. To go to an idol show less than a week after a surgery

Milena Carvalho was still vomiting when she went to the Katy Perry’s concert, nevertheless she wrote a letter and bought a present.

15. To spend about R$ 400,00 by sending text messages to win an autographed DVD

Camila Galuzzi did this with Fresno… Luckily, she got the 11th place and still got the dvd

16. To spend a fortune for having dinner in the same hotel your idol is staying

Sara Severiano did that to try to talk with her favorite band at the time.

17. To break into your idol’s van

Letícia Trindade invaded Lucas Lucco’s van. Although she didn’t hug him, she got the driver’s and the singer’s brother phone number

18. To get a ride of strangers to see your idol

Thais Vicentini, Adore Delano’s fan, wanted to go to Curitiba to see her performance so she posted on a fan page if someone could catch her. She got it! She went and came back on the same day and met new people.

19. To pretend doing a Final Course Essay (TCC) about your idol and be able to spent the whole day with this person

Marcella Barbieri had this lucky with Palmirinha, after tried many times to see her in Gazeta building.

20. To receive compliments from your idol for doing your TCC about her

Bia Matera was thrilled when a guy who was evaluating her work, played an audio of her favorite writer Cris Morena (from Argentina), after she finished her presentation. She already had travelled to Argentina and tried to find her, but without success.

21. To use the student ID card pretending to be press

Larissa Menezes, using this strategy, watched the whole concert on the press area.

22. To be stolen by your idol

Milena Carvalho took a painting to Kaya from Maze Runner to sign, but she understood it was a gift for her, so she kept. She also published a picture of the supposed gift on Instagram. A Milena’s friend told Kaya about that years ago and the singer apologized to her.

23. To pretend to have the number drawn to meet your idol

Sara Severiano pretended that along with her friends. They pretended not to know each other and the event organization didn’t even check, so she got into the dressing room.