How to be Trendy with an Intern Salary

You should be thankful every day just for being employed. The internship is is great for several things such as gaining your independence and helping with some expenses. But your salary does not fit all these responsibilities and still does not afford you the luxury of buying new clothes. 

If the problem is to renew the looks without spending much money from your hard work, no problem! Here are some precious tips to stay trendy with your trainee salary:

1)    Reusing old clothes is good for your salary and the world: The fashion world is becoming more conscious, so reusing clothes is more than important. Every new piece of clothing has gone through a process that has damaged the environment, so each shirt is precious. Here are some sensible and cheap ideas for you to do it in your wardrobe: 

a.)  If that shirt has been lying in the closet for years it can be reused as a dress. You can even make a cut shoulder and increase the look with a hat and flip flops. 

Source: Pinterest

   b.) The dress you have worn several times may have another utility with two options: reshape the garment by applying details such as lace, pebbles or even changing the color of the dress.

Source: Pinterest

  c.) The old sweater you do not care for can get a new face. To do this, you can use stones, beads that can be glued or sewn. And the best part is that it’s really cheap!

Source: Pinterest

  d.) Certainly one of the most desired customizations, although it is a bit complicated. There are many ways to customize jeans, but we chose a very simple technique to do it. For the preparation you will need eyebrow tweezers, razor blade and scissors. Make the marking using a pen or pencil, cut a little bit with the scissors and use your hands to tear and destroy the jeans even more.

Source: Pinterest

2)    But if even with these tips you still think you need some new clothes there are several shopping options whether for new or used parts. A valuable tip for the garment is not to be lazy or ashamed to haggle.

a.) An amazing place in Pinheiros with wonderful pieces is the Yes Please! Brechó. 

A charming little house that even though it’s not luxurious, there are many great and cheap pieces available! The staff at the place is very helpful and they’re always suggesting combinations and accessories.

Address: R. Dr. Virgílio de Carvalho Pinto, 642

      b.)  The first collaborative store in Brazil is the Endossa and there's a lot, a lot of cool stuff. The place works in a very different way. Each shelf has an owner (like a brand or a seller) and customers are the ones who choose what remains or not during the month, which means there are always new things coming in. So the tip is always to keep an eye on the news.

Address: R. Augusta, 1372

Rua Vergueiro, 1000

Fradique Coutinho, 139

Galeria Metrópole, Avenida São Luís, 187 (2° andar)

     c.) An important tip is to pay attention to the sales of department stores. At the end of the month, usually, clothes receive new prices with that famous red label. If you pick it right you will find incredible things. 

Source: Pinterest

      d.)  Another valuable option is to go to shopping centers like the streets José Paulino or Brás. In these centers there are lots of options, each one better than the other. The important thing is to have patience to walk and look for the stores with a price that fits in your pocket.

Source: Pinterest

Working and studying is not easy, but good things can come from all the effort.  Even if your salary doesn’t match with your wishes, it is possible to use it for your well-being. Some things can be done such as getting your old clothes tidied up or looking for cheaper places to buy new pieces. The important thing is to be happy and, above all, to be employed!