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How to be Entrepreneurial with Mary Kay

You may have seen a pink car roaming the streets, with a Mary Kay’s mark in white.

The cars belong to consultants of Mary Kay cosmetics brand as a motivation strategy. Not all of them have the car, but the consultants achieve it when they become directors or from company incentives. It’s possible to get the car when you reach a certain balance of sales, for example.

Mary Kay is an American cosmetics company created in 1963 in Dallas, Texas. Today the brand is sold in more than 30 countries. 

In 1969, the founder Mary Kay Ash delivered the first pink car as a prize, a Cadillac Coupe, and since then the car has become the main trophy of Mary Kay. 



Currently, besides the car, the company distributes trips, jewelry and other prizes, as a stimulus for consultants to hit targets and grow throughout their careers.

However, the question is: How can I get the pink car?



To start out, it is necessary to be a consultant, which is the beginning of the independent career. It is the first step to become one success-full businesswoman.

This step comprises two levels: Independent Beauty Consultant and Independent Beauty Consultant Senior.

After that, you became a red jacket, the next stage of career. In it you will get to develop their leadership and parading with its powerful look

Red trademark of Red Jackets.

This step comprise four levels: Initiator Star Independent, Independent Sales Group Leader, Future of Independent Sales Director and Director in Qualification Independent Sales. 

The next step is called Director: leadership and it is here that you get the pink car.

The Independent Career stage comprising be Director Independent sales is the time wherein becomes a Consultant successful leader, building a winning unit of consultants. 

It consists for six levels:  Independent Sales Director, Sales Senior Director Independent, Future Sales Executive Director Independent, Executive Director of Indpendent Sales, Executive Director Elite Sales Independent and National Director in Qualification Independent Sales. 

Next stop and the bigger one is National Director: consolidation. National Directors are representatives of Mary Kay Ash, transmitting the values ​​and mission of our company. 

This last one-step is composed of four levels: National Director of Independent Sales, National Senior Director Independent Sales, National Executive Director of Sales Independent and National Executive Director Elite Sales Independent.

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