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Here’s why you should watch the hit sitcom Abbott Elementary 

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With several nominations and wins, including an Emmy for the protagonist, the new season of Abbott Elementary premieres on the 26th on Disney+, and you need to watch it!


Have you ever wondered what the personal and professional routine of your teachers is like? This sitcom brilliantly and hilariously brings the answer to this question. 

Abbott Elementary tells the story of a public school and its teachers, who face everyday problems. To this extent, it is nothing surprising, isn’t it? But the story changes when the series brings clever humor, and jokes with social criticism, which gives the audience reflection and laughter at the same time. 

The details that make the difference 

We follow the teacher Janine Teagues, played by Quinta Brunson, who’s also the creator of the series. The character is a great enthusiast for education and extremely optimistic, but she must deal with a reckless boss. We have teachers who care about the children, and even with a complex personal life, they still maintain their lightness and humor. 

The actors are a spectacle apart, and all fit very well in their roles. Tyler James Williams plays a first-time teacher, Gregory Eddie, which makes everything funnier for his naivety. There are two veteran teachers Barbara Howard (Sheryl Lee) and Melissa Schemmenti (Lisa Ann Walter). We have Janelle James playing the principal, who also tries to be an influencer most of the time, and her work, as well as Jacob Hill (Chris Perfetti) as Janine’s careful and closest friend. 

With a brilliant direction, Abbott Elementary is a mockumentary sitcom. Yes, I know you thought of The Office, and it’s similar in that aspect. We see in the most realistic and personal way possible the routine of these people, and all the moments inside their lives give you a good laugh.

There is also the breaking of the fourth wall made mainly by Janine and Gregory. The looks, that tell us everything, bring the audience closer to these characters. I’m sure at some point, you’ll relate to them. 

Why does everyone need to watch it?

The new season of Abbott Elementary enters the Disney+ catalog on June 26. In its third season, the series already has several awards and great reviews.  

The show discusses love, comedy, friendships, and personal life. With criticism that must be heard, we get attached to the characters and their way of being, almost as if we were inside the school.  

In a short screen time, the characters manage to create this relationship with the audience. The episodes are 23 minutes long, but they capture many lessons and laughs, with a fantastic script and charismatic actors, who make you identify with the characters. Abbott Elementary is a must-watch. It’s impossible not to watch one episode after another.


The article above was edited by Ludmila Costa.

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