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Here Are 5 Activities To Do During Brazilian Winter

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If you’re expecting warm temperatures and sunny beaches, don’t worry! This time of year brings a unique charm. From cozy mountain retreats to festive local events, Brazilian winter offers plenty of exciting opportunities.

Whether you’re Brazilian or a visitor, looking for some entertainment during these crisp days, this article will guide you through five activities that will make your winter unforgettable. Join us!

The Brazilian June party

If you’re staying in Brazil in June, then you definitely shouldn’t miss the Brazilian June Party! This event is perfect if you want to immerse yourself in the culture of the country. 

Festa Junina, as we call it, is a celebration with colorful decorations, traditional music, and lively dances – the most famous is quadrilha, danced in a group of pairs, bringing various elements from the country universe (music, steps and clothing). 

Without a doubt, the highlight of the June Party is the delicious food. During this month, you can find different kinds of typical dishes, such as pamonha (corn-based sweets), pé de moleque (peanut brittle) and canjica (sweet corn pudding), that make the celebration a must-visit. 

Beyond the food and festivities, the celebration also offers a range of games and activities for all ages. From ring tosses to sack races, there’s something for everyone. It’s the perfect occasion to spend with your family and friends. 

But if you’re looking to simply enjoy the cheerful atmosphere, Festa Junina is a delightful way to experience winter in Brazil and get to know the culture. 

campos do jordão winter festival

Known as the “Brazilian Switzerland,” this lovely town attracts visitors from all over the country. Nestled in the mountains, Campos do Jordão turns into a winter wonderland during its famous Winter Festival.

People gather to enjoy an impressive lineup of classical music performances. Talented musicians from Brazil and around the world come together for orchestral and solo performances. 

The event is free and tickets can be collected 3 days before the concert. You can find more information about the festival on their website.

Beyond the music, Campos do Jordão is well known for its breathtaking views and experiences such as strolling through the European-inspired streets, savoring gourmet chocolates, and exploring local artisan shops, being a perfect winter retreat.

Gramado Film festival

For film enthusiasts, the Gramado Film Festival might be an interesting choice! This prestigious event showcases the best in Latin American cinema, and attendees can watch an array of films that cover diverse genres and themes. 

It also features panel discussions, workshops, and opportunities to meet filmmakers, providing a rich cultural experience and a fantastic way to explore the art of filmmaking. 

Aside from the film screenings, Gramado itself is dreamy. Take a stroll down the endearing streets, visit cozy cafes, and enjoy the region’s famous chocolate. The Gramado Film Festival not only celebrates the art of cinema but also offers a magical winter experience in the city that shouldn’t be missed.

Shop, eat cheese and drink wine in Serra Negra (SP)

Are you searching for a place with a mild climate? Then, Serra Negra might be the best option!

This charming town is perfect for those looking to take a break from the hustle and bustle, or seeking some peace of mind. It’s also a wonderful destination for a family trip!

Tourists in Serra Negra often appreciate the excellent cuisine and visit local farms where cheese, wine, and coffee are produced.

But that’s not all the city offers. Serra Negra is also renowned for its woolen clothing and leather goods, which are not only of high quality but also reasonably priced.

It also has several mineral water sources with therapeutic properties, such as Parque das Fontes, Parque Fonte Santo Agostinho and Parque e Fonte São Luiz

Spending and enjoying time at home

Certainly, the cold season can be discouraging for those who don’t like going out and enjoying the attractions of this period. So, what can you do at home on freezing days?

No matter if you’re enjoying the weather alone or with someone you love, let me share some tips to make these days more exciting! 

Prepare hot dishes: There’s nothing better than eating what you like the most during winter. But, obviously, hot dishes are the best choice for the cold weather! Risottos, cheese, hot chocolate and fondues can cheer you up these days. Desserts like guava paste and dried fruits are also great options.

Watch movies and series: Staying under the covers on winter days is one of the most pleasant things. You can spend this time watching the series and films of your choice.

Learn a new activity: Cold days are longer. You can practice an activity you like the most or learn a new one. Some suggestions are reading good books, playing games, learning a new language, putting together puzzles, and practicing some crafts, among other activities.

These are just a few of the options for you to enjoy the Brazilian winter. Ask yourself what you love about this season, embrace it and make the most of it!


The article above was edited by Maria Esther Cortez.

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