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Haven’t You Seen Cruella Yet? Here Are 5 Reasons To Watch

About one month ago, the live-action of the Cruella was made available on Disney+. In 1961, the movie 101 Dalmatians was released, and the villain stole the scenes that appeared, eventually becoming one of the most hated characters by the public, standing out in the feature film. The movie about Cruella’s history has as protagonist Emma Stone.

With a feature of originality and identity, it brings another version of the villain in which we discover her secrets and problems by finding out why she became a villain. In addition to Cruella getting interested in the world of fashion with the dream of being a successful fashion designer. The movie is drawing a lot of attention due to its many innovative points and has been commented a lot on the internet, so let’s check out 5 reasons to watch Cruella. If you still didn’t watch, will stay with de desire to see!

Costume Design

Oscar-winning costume designer Jenny Beavan is responsible for the costumes, turning the movie itself into a real fashion show. As for the main cast, there were 277 costume changes, and only Emma Stone (Cruella in the movie) is the one who changes the most looks, 47 in total, in the two hours of live action. All the costumes are extremely stunning and even more in their special performance moments.


The band Florence and The Machine is responsible for the theme song called “Call me Cruella” the track brings a mix of emotions and even makes reference to the song “Cruella De Vil”, performed by Selena Gomez. The entire soundtrack is very well prepared to make the audience feel involved in the story that happens in the 70s. In addition to the film’s original music composed by Nicholas Britell, we also have the great classics that convey the punk vibe of the time, such as Supertramp, Queen, The Clash, Blondie, and others.


Emma Stone who plays Cruella is certainly a highlight in the movie, with an flawless performance! Another actress who also carries this highlight is Emma Thompson who plays the Baroness, who plays a peculiar role, very important to the story, and rocked the performance. Other performers like Mark Strong, Jhon; Kirby Howell-Baptiste, Anita Darling; Paul Walter Hauser, Horace Badun; and Joel Fry, Jasper Badun did an impeccable job.


Since the film happens before the history of 101 Dalmatians, it explores a story that does not exist for the public, and with this it has gained an opportunity to create a new and original storyline, leaving an innovative mark for those looking for a mixture of modern-day reality and classic movies. The live action does not show scenes that we already know as is the case of Cinderella (2015) and Aladdin (20219). In other words, a surprising film in all aspects.

Sympathy for the villain

Since this is a movie about a villain it ends up breaking all the standards of focusing on the trajectory of the “good guy” characters and really shows Cruella’s life story up close. Seeing the transition from Estella to Cruella and all the reasons she became a villain really makes us see the other side of the story. Because of the discovery of terrible secrets about her mother’s past and following her quest for revenge makes the character gain the audience’s sympathy. Although the actions are a bit inconsequential, they make sense in the context in which it is shown to the audience and focuses even more on her determination to survive.


The article above was edited by Camila Nascimento.

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