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“Harry’s House”: What To Expect From Harry Style’s New Album 

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Harry Styles just released the first single, “As It Was”, from his new album, “Harry’s House” and surprised everyone with the alternative vibe going in a different direction than his previous singles and general vibe albums, raising the question of what we should expect from his new album. To get to the conclusion, we had to analyze his old albums. 

His first solo album, called “Harry Styles”, brought a change of scenario, bringing a sneak peek of what Harry is after the hiatus of One Direction. He opened the era with a piano ballad called “Sign Of The Times”, and the entire album was a great mix of pop and pop/rock, coming in the single “Kiwi” and “Only Angel”. The album still held a lot of similarities to what One Direction used to make in their final album. Harry brought more personal lyrics and opened more of himself in music, being the big difference from what he made in the band. The sexy vibe is also something new from the harries, finally having songs about sex and his sexuality.

Harry’s latest album “Fine Line” broke a lot of records and really put him in the spotlight, it had a more mainstream pop vibe, with the singles like “Watermelon Sugar” and “Adore You”, which both broke records. It was in this record that Harry really explored the pop industry, having won a Grammy Awards, and being the first in the billboard charts for all the singles released. Fine Line also had sad ballads, like “Falling” and  “Fine Line” and an amazing alternative rock song, “She”.  This album had a more pop approach, but the lyrics held an amazing style, being more mature, personal and secretive at times, it also held a lot of Easter eggs. As a whole, the album seemed more mature, and it felt more thought out, having major productions for the music videos for every single.

And now this new era, “Harry’s House”, has shown a more alternative pop with its first single, but at his performance in Coachella this weekend we had an uplifting pop song “Late Night Talking”, the music held a very 80’s/90’s vibe in the instrumentals and backing vocal style. In the performance he sang “Boyfriend” a more country single, having the slow guitar and the famous low voice the genre own, the powerful lyrics as he talks bad about bad boyfriends, and makes a single for the all the suck guys. 

The expectations for the 20th of May, when the album comes out are through the roof, the mixture of genres we received so far are super exciting. Styles is really bringing this new face of himself, and we hope the album has a lot of that. The freedom he’s exploring in his fashion has shown very prominently on the album, and it’s expected to show in his songs as well. In lyric wise, all the singles showed a different level of personal and the whole being honest in his music. So a well explored mix of genres and very truthful lyrics is where the expectations are for “Harry’s House”, we want him to bring it home and show us what this new Harry Styles can do.


The article above was edited by Marina Ponchio

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