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Harry Styles’ Unique Way of Taking Over the Internet and The Charts

Harry Styles, the solo singer, One Direction ex boyband member, songwriter, actor or whatever you wish to call him, is always taking over the internet. Sometimes with his outfits that break the standards of women’s and men’s clothing, sometimes only with his hair or his mustache. And sometimes he takes over the charts with his incredible songs. But the important thing here is that he is rocking it either way!

Styles (26), as well as the other members of One Direction, has been charming the world since the reality show The X-Factor, where the band was created. Nowadays, as a solo singer, he didn’t stop to surprise and win hearts all over the world. And this year, even in quarantine, that didn’t change; in fact we all had time to start loving him even more.

Styles Takes Over The Trending Topics

In the new era of his second album “Fine Line”, released in December 2019, he drove his fans crazy by tweeting just the word “Do”. His fans were obviously excited, but for real no one understood what he meant by that. Therefore, “DO WHAT” started trending on Twitter, clearly everybody was curious, and after a while they discovered that it was about his new single released last October, ‘Lights Up’. The song’s lyrics say ‘Do You Know Who You Are?’ and this question promoted the single with posters all around the world.

And every time Harry makes a move there is always a topic about him trending worldwide. Just a while ago, Harry’s fans found out that he had shaved his mustache, and in a matter of minutes “HE SHAVED” started to trend. Some days later, a fan met him and posted the photo they took, the fans loved how his hair looked like so the trend “HIS HAIR” became worldwide again.

Harry, being a complete artist, had already worked as an actor in the movie “Dunkirk” directed by Christopher Nolan. Now we know that he is coming back to the big screen with the movie “Don’t Worry, Darling”. As soon his new role was announced, it started trending on Twitter.  

Styles Takes Over The Charts

The album with 12 songs has ‘Watermelon Sugar’ as one of the singles; the song is playing everywhere, making a lot of success this summer. Furthermore, the song reached the number 1 in the Billboard charts, and continues to stay on the charts for 25 weeks until now. In August 3th, watermelon day, the hashtag #WatermelonSugarDay trended while Harry’s devoted fans organized a streaming party in order to get the song to number one at Billboard’s Hot 100, 8 months after his album was released.

Styles has almost 45 million month listeners at Spotify, he’s the 17th most listened artist in the world and his album has suppressed the incredible mark of 2.5 billion streams. Meanwhile, ‘Fine Line’ is being considered for the Grammy’s Album Of  The Year, and ‘Adore You’ for Song Of The Year. This single also reached a really good position in the charts, achieving No. 6 at Billboard Hot 100 this April.

Styles Takes Over The Internet With His Album Promotion

One special thing about ‘Adore You’ is its music video. Styles and his team created an imaginary island called Eroda just to promote the track 3 on his upcoming album Fine Line. A thread on Twitter went viral as people tried to find out what this island was, once it wasn’t on the maps but video campaigns started promoting tourism do Eroda.

Turns out the fans started relating the imaginary island to Fine Line’s track 3. A lot of evidence linked this mystery to Styles new album and single. Eroda backwards is Adore, a reference to ‘Adore You’. The island website mentions ‘Cherry Street’ and ‘Golden Way’; Cherry and Golden are tracks 5 and 1 of Fine Line. And it goes on. Of course, Eroda started trending on Twitter, and stayed on Trending Topics for a lot of time.

Styles Takes Over The Fashion World

He is not just a good singer. Harry has also a big influence in the fashion world with his different and revolutionary outfits and sense of fashion. In February of this year, Harry wore a cardigan on his performance at “The Today Show” that was memorable.

TikTok started a trend under the hashtag #harrystylescardigan, which fans make their own knitted homemade cardigan, inspired by the one worn by Styles. Not only this JW Anderson cardigan, but lots of his clothing pieces influenced his fans to make their own or buy them so they could have the same sense of fashion as their idol.  

Other than that, a lot of Harry’s fans made incredible makeups inspired by the songs of the new album. Others did nail art inspired by Fine Line tracks just like the singer did on his own nails.

Styles Takes Over The ‘Kindness’ Business

But an amazing aspect about him is what he spreads to the world. In his motto (and his song) ‘Treat People With Kindness’, Harry is fighting against hate and seeking to spread love and kindness to everybody, influencing his fans to act the same way. Harry always ends his tweets with Love H, or TPWK (short for his motto). In his concerts, he seeks to create an environment where everyone can feel comfortable with being themselves, as he once said: “If you are black, if you are white, if you are gay, if you are straight, if you are transgender – whoever you are, whoever you want to be, I support you. I love every single one of one”. An amazing singer, but an amazing person too.

So, as Harry Styles would say, TPWK.


The article above was edited by Laura Enchioglo

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