Go Vegan: Meet 3 Vegetarian and Vegan Casperians

It is notable that in the last few years the number of people becoming vegans or vegetarians has increased. Even if misunderstood by some and admired by others, it's undeniable that those who follow this lifestyle are changing the game.

Nowadays, there are several vegetarian options everywhere – even in restaurants that serve meat ‒ besides existing, of course, places that are only vegan. Although this reality is getting, day after day, more common, it is still hard to get completely away from meat.

However, here we have three casperian girls who did it and have a tip for who wants to do it too.

1. Laura Slobodeicov

Image Source: Personal Archive

Laura, 17, is a student at Casper Libero College, attending the first year of Journalism. She has become a vegetarian in the last three months and tells us that this is the third time she tries this kind of diet.

“My first try was in 2015 and the second one in 2017. Now I feel that's going to be different because something has changed: when I look at the meat, I don’t feel like eating it anymore. I’m just not missing it”, she explains.

She tells us that what motivated her to become a vegetarian was her attachment to animals. "We protect both cats and dogs, but we eat and kill so many other animals. This made me want to do something to change the situation.”

Laura also told that her mother is a great supporter: she started to prepare new types of food, like tofu and soy burger, and reduced the amount of meat she eats.

Laura's Tip: "I think we always have to test our limits and try our best, so we find out how far we can go. I discovered myself a lot in these 3 months and I think I’ll discover more and more. There has to be a beginning. Even if you think you cannot face it, do your best. The act of trying already makes all the difference”.

2. Catharina Oliveira 

Image Source: Personal Archive

The 19 years old Public Relations student chose a lifestyle that for many seems impossible: she is a vegan who embraced the process really fast.

“I started along with my sister, over a year ago, but we realized that only meat was not enough. We understood that the food industry issue is much worse. When I saw that she had managed well to become a vegetarian, I easily decided to become a vegan all at once. In one month we had already cut all products from animals. We made this decision mainly because we care about the animals, and then we realized that there were other good points. But it was always because of them.”, she tells.

As for her health, Catharina says that her immunity has really improved and that she practice veganism as much as possible. "All of the medicines are tested on animals, so when we are sick we try to treat ourselves with natural ones, but when we need to take it, we do.”

Catharina's Tip: "In my opinion, even those who do not want to turn vegetarian have to know where your food comes from and how everything works. I recommend te documentaries Earthlings and Cowspiracy. I learned, with veganism, to be aware of what I put on my plate every time. Before, I didn't care of what I was eating. A silly example is McDonald's. Everyone knows it's industrialized, but do you know how much? Their fries are made with 19 ingredients, being one of them meat and three of them derived from petroleum. So, my tip is: do not be afraid to be selective about your food!"

3. Giovanna Trevisanuto

Image Source: Personal Archive

Giovanna is a 19 years old Public Relations student. Vegetarian since the age of 13, she thinks it's wrong the way the animals are treated.

“My mom always supported me, but there were people that called me picky”, she says.

After becoming vegetarian, she learnt to like vegetables, what improved her feeding. In the beginning, she had to take some medicines because of her anemia, but nowadays her health is stabilized.

Giovanna's Tip:  "If you cannot stop at once, try to do it step by step. I first stopped the red meat and then the white. The initiative has to come from you! It's not impossible to stop".