Glossy Makeup: Tips And Tricks To Slay This Trend

In a first moment, to apply gloss anywhere other than the lips may sound weird, but the trend is getting famous due to the wet aspect that it gives to the look. The popularity of the “glossy” style caught the attention of many makeup brands and now, lots of products that promise a glow look are available in different textures, colors and not always with an accessible price.

However, it is not necessary to spend too much to get the wet look. This article will show you that the glossy makeup can be easily done with the products that you already have at home.

1. The secret is skincare

Image Source: Pexels

Any well-prepared skin has an incredible glow, but the look could be even prettier when less makeup is required. So, the first step is paying attention to the health of your skin. Natural products are great to help you with that - besides the good results, they also have low price. Only remember to always talk to your dermatologist, since any product you put on your skin can give you allergies. 

2. Give the powder a break and try liquid makeup

If a wet look is what you are looking for, products with the right textures must be used, such as liquid foundation, concealer and highlighter. Do you remember that creamy lipstick that you have? It could be an incredible blush and even a good eye shadow.

3. Gloss is a great highlighter!

Try to use gloss instead of the usual highlighter in the tops of your cheekbones, for example. If you want even more shine on your look, apply a liquid highlighter and after drying, put some gloss in the same places.

Vaseline is also a good product if you want to avoid the sticky aspect of the gloss, and the effect is still glossy!

4. Gloss gives a special glow for the eye shadow

Image Source: Pexels

Apply some gloss on the eyelids by tapping your finger on them, so it will not take out your eye shadow. But be sure that the texture of your gloss in this place is thicker, cause the result is not that good when the product is liquid.

After some time with the wet eyes, you could notice some creases and imperfections, but it is all part of the glossy experience - you don't need to look perfect, but natural.

5. Face oil + foundation = why not?

Image Source: Pexels

Mix your foundation with some face oil and get a glow skin. Put some liquid highlighter in this mix, and you will be shiner than ever!

6. Matte and glossy can be together in the same makeup!

You can try some matte lips with glossy skin and eyes, or matte skin with glossy lips and eyes, your imagination is the limit!