Girls Just Wanna Have FUNdamental Humans Right: 365 Narcisas

Women struggle daily with the sexism in the society. Not only they face difficulties on being listened, since their voices are frequently stolen by a patriarchal system, but they also have to deal with values that despise and disrespect them independently their ages are, not caring about their opinions or beliefs. So unfortunately, they are victims every day, passing through things that no human being should pass, such as: harassment, oppression, abusive relationships, feminine objectification, rape culture, and more disgusting things that it's impossible to point them all. To illustrate this kind of situation, Gabriela Gomes, advertising and marketing student at Cásper Líbero University, and a regular visitor of it's feminist collective Lisandra, told us about a shocking experience:

I was walking in a street, near Cásper Líbero, among some women, all students of the same university. We stopped at the pedestrian crossing when a police car with two cops passed through…Clearly something nasty was said to us. I didn’t listened very well because I was talking with a friend. I asked another girl what the cops said and she pretended that she hadn’t had listened it, because she knew that I was involved with feminist causes and I get into discussions if I need to. The same girl said that she was afraid of being arrested, she was afraid of fighting for her rights. That made me mad! I felt vulnerable, realized that women are treated as objects, and by consequence I have the sense that I was disempowered, impotent, and alone.”

We can’t accept being silenced and kept in a cycle of struggle daily. Feminism emerged to face and persuade the society to change. We have to do it in order to achieve the equality. Women gather around this concept to gain strength and help each other to pull through the difficulties. As a woman writting this text, I can tell that we try to stop sexist actions by awareness… mostly. But, sometimes, it's more helpfull and healthy for us if we just use memes, because we don't have to be didactic with sexist men. Sorry not sorry.

So in order to deal with women’s obstacles on daily basis, it has been usual to find on the internet communities or projects that empowers women and encourages them to fight against male oppression. It is also a place safe and full of sorority. One of them is called 365 Narcisas: it’s an Instagram page created by Layla Shpielman, 24, graduated in marketing at ESPM University in 2015, and current veterinary student. Women can open themselves up in the 365 Narcisas’s Instagram page and tell things that only them suffers for being a woman.

                                                                                           365 Narcisa's Instagram print

How did you have the idea of creating this platform?

I started this project by the end of last year. A friend of mine was complaining about how every time her boss said a bad word, then looked straight to her and apologized. She was the only woman in the team, so it appears that my friend couldn’t hear this or say that for being a girl. In the same week my mother had showed me an article about how men are more narcissistic than women, because the society makes them like that. It goes beyond personality, it’s a general statics. Those two things made me see that women needed a space that they could open e talk about struggles that they only pass for being a lady.

Why the project is called “365 Narcisas”?

I have decided that 2017 would be a year special for me, so the project it’s one of the "365 days type”. About “Narcisas”, I wanted to do a relation with the Narcissus myth, and that’s the reason behind the selfies on the mirrors. If you stop to think, how many times did you see women being repressed for getting ready late? For being “too vain”? Loving yourself is good! Self-love is the basis of healthy relationship, with others and with your own person, is the best way of protecting yourself against abuses and disrespect. 

If women want to participate, what should they do?

The participation is voluntary, anyone can join, you just have to send an inbox.

Check out one of the stories, is about Beatriz Margulies, 24 years old:

“This is Bia. She graduated in business and her master’s research line is Finances. After researching for a while, she decided to invest money that she owned in the bank. Decided, she met with the manager and spent time discussing about it. All set, until the manager says : “Look, I think it’s better not. Go home, talk with your father and boyfriend…You come back later and we’ll decide.” What the hell, Mr. Manager?! Bia can’t decide that on her own? She need a man to tell her what is she supposed to do with her own money? That’s her lion.”

The challenges and obstacles of women are so much more than choosing the perfect look for the perfect date, or dealing with the ups and downs of PMS. Be a woman is bleed daily and still persuade a world that will include equality’s for male and female. Our fight is still beginning, but among each other, we walk better!

Author: Luiza Eltz

Editor: Isabelle Caldeira