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Girl from the Future: Meet Victoria Moreira

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Casper Libero chapter.

Age: 21 Hometown: Osasco Major: Radio, TV and Internet Year: 2016 Zodiac sign: Cancer A color: Purple Favorite movie: Back To The Future. The trilogy, since I can’t choose only one! [Laughs] Favorite series: Doctor Who and Lost I never… would hurt someone.

As a woman I… discovered that most of the things I like, and that makes me who I am today, were not made for and by people like me.

A food and a sweet: The most delicious food in the world is pamonha [a slow-cooked corn which can be either sweetened or salted]. Sweet treats are ice cream or brigadeiro.

Cásper Líbero in one word: Opportunity

City or country? Hot or cold? Music or silence? City, cold, music.

A dream and a fear: Go to England and but not having enough money to go.

When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? I wanted to be both an actress and sing on a Broadway-style musical, you know?

Why did you choose RTVI? I know it may sound a little stupid, but I’ve always watched several series – about 30 or even more. Then, I thought about the career of the producer and creator J. J. Abrams [Lost, Fringe, Star Wars], and RTVI seemed the way I could produce something I love so much, and also be as awesome as he is.

Are you a feminist? Yes and, beyond feminist, I think black women must have more space on it.

What are your biggest quality and flaw? I think my great quality is to like the challenges I have been given, so I’m able to learn more with them. My flaw is definitely being negative. It has been a lot worse, but there are days that I still think the glass is half empty.

Have you ever been on an unforgettable trip? Yes! I travelled to Curitiba to do my Course Completion Assignment, and I have some great and fun memories about it, since it was the first time I’ve ever been to other state!

Can you tell me a bit about your final project? It is a documentary about the market of Brazilian independent games. Independent game is something that has a poetic and a creative freedom that big games do not and, in our project, we want to tell the story of this market, how it appears in Brazil and the challenges that the creators need to face.

I also know you own a beloved rabbit. Can you tell us a bit about him? His name is Tom, after the singer of my all-time favorite band, McFly. He is so spoiled! People may not believe it, but whenever he gets sick, he needs special foods or drinks, such as coconut water! He likes cabbage, but only after it’s been washed and dried. He won’t stop! [Laughs] He’s had a partner before, Danny [also a McFly member], but he died two years ago. Despite of the fights, Tom still misses him. He and I will never forget our time with Danny!

Marcela Schiavon

Casper Libero

Petite, loving, determined. Marcela don't have preferences about her career because she likes all areas of Journalism. Sometimes jealous, a little bit angry, very focused. "Eu gosto dela - Projota" is a song that defines her way of living.
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Alana Claro

Casper Libero '17

Alana is a Senior in Cásper Líbero University, majoring in Journalism. She is President of Casper Libero's Chapter and an intern in a Corporate Communications firm. Born and raised in Sao Paulo, where she speaks Portuguese, although English is her ever-lasting love. Alana is a proud Slytherin and INTJ.