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“Ginny & Georgia”: 5 Reasons To Watch The Show (Without Spoilers)

The Netflix original "Ginny & Georgia" series debuted in February 2021 and has become a success of the streaming platform.

Starring Antonia Gentry (Ginny Miller) and Brianne Howey (Georgia Miller), the series tells the story of an American family of a young mother and her two children, a 15-year-old teenager and a 9-year-old boy.

If you haven't stopped to watch it or haven't heard about it yet, today we're going to give you five reasons why you need to watch "Ginny & Georgia". And we assure you that there is no spoiler around here! 

You will have a good laugh

There's nothing better than starting a show that guarantees fun, right?! And with "Ginny & Georgia" you will probably have a good laugh.

It's in their mother and daughter relationship, the way Ginny answers the teachers at school, for the unusual reasons that made Georgia choose her children's names or her impulsive attitudes: from acid humor to that nonsense thing that makes us laugh, each episode has a different way of fun.

It shows important issues

Ginny & Georgia is not just a series just to make us laugh.

Racism, problems with the body and self-esteem, harassment, and a lot of other important subjects are portrayed with the different characters, starting with Georgia with her teenage pregnancy.

Some themes were not finalized in the first season and, of course, must unfold in the following seasons. However, these subjects are brought realistically and can awaken important reflections in those who are watching.

You can identify yourself with it

In this topic, I will take the liberty of telling my personal experience watching "Ginny & Georgia".

My mother was pregnant with me as a teenager, as well as in the series, and watching teen motherhood being portrayed in a more realistic and less romanticized way, generated a lot of identification. It’s as if in many moments we are reliving some experiences of those 21 years of life, from the most comical to the tensest.

But it’s not only motherhood in adolescence that is well portrayed. Other secondary characters who are also mothers in the show play a role that is very nice to follow, just like the story of Jennifer Robertson’s character, Ellen (pay attention to this family nucleus when you go to watch because there are good stories and a lot of potential for possible seasons in the future).

Also, there is no way to avoid identifying with at least some of the attitudes of some of the various high school characters. From teenage tantrums to love problems due to age difference, going through current musical references and the most serious subjects, as previously mentioned.

You will definitely finish this series by finding yourself a real-life version of one of the characters!

The construction of the narrative is addictive

"Ginny & Georgia" is one of those shows that you can't stop watching because at each end of the episode there is something new to be discovered or understood.

But not only because of the mysteries surrounding the show that makes it addictive. The whole construction of the narrative, which at the same time is light and intense, captivates those who are watching from all the other points that this article has already addressed.

 It has a surprising ending 

Even though we’re not giving any spoilers, there is no way to not mention how surprising the ending is.

When it seems that what had to happen has already happened and has been properly resolved — even if in somewhat bizarre ways — the final scenes make you want to scream at the television because it’s so unexpected.

In order not to be in danger of telling more than I should, this text ends here! It's worth giving "Ginny & Georgia" a chance to win you over too, and if you watch, then tell us what you think.


The article above was edited by Giullia Cartaxo and translated by Giovanna Favero.

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