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Gil Do Vigor: Get To Know The Story Of The Economist That Became A Brazilian Idol

It is common for reality shows to have those iconic participants, who mark the edition in which they participate - and with BBB 21 it was no different. In addition to the winner Juliette Freire, a phenomenon apart, Gilberto, better known as Gil do Vigor, accumulates millions of followers on social media, contracts with well-known brands and a huge legion of fans. But all of that didn't come so easily in his life, on the contrary, his story is marked by several ups and downs, until he became the king of “cachorrada”, now so dear to Brazilians. Get to know more about his trajectory before the program!

The beginning

Gilberto José Nogueira Júnior was born on September 14, 1991 in Jaboatão dos Guararapes, Pernambuco. At age 4, his parents divorced, due to the violent acts that his father practiced with him and his mother, Jacira Santana. After the incident, Gil lived only with his sisters, Janielly and Juliana Nogueira, and his mother in a rented house, supported by Jacira's maid's salary. As the family's financial conditions were not good at the time, he had to start working early.

Works, studies and religion mission: symbols of dedication

At age 10, Gil became a Mormon and, for 2 years, participated in missions in the slums of São Paulo. At age 15, he got his first job at a restaurant. However, the routine was very tiring for the economist. So, when he turned 16, he started working at an insurance agency as an administrative assistant. At that time, he combined his work with his studies, and later on, he passed the exams to study Economics at the Federal University of Pernambuco. He is currently pursuing his doctorate at the same university and is preparing to embark on his next adventure: earning his long-awaited PhD in the United States, after winning two scholarships at the Universities of Texas and California.

Homosexuality: acceptance and judgments

The ex-brother has also gone through several attacks against his sexual orientation. Especially after becoming a Mormon, and living through its dogmas. This religion preach that same-sex attraction passes after marriage, but with Gil that was not the case. After struggling to try to put his homosexuality aside, Gil dropped out of college and went on a religious mission, and even got engaged two times - with women. However, when he returned, he decided to come out and was well accepted by his mother, who left the church sometime before, for not agreeing with certain ideas.

Within BBB, Gilberto clearly says that he is a homosexual, and for Jacira, seeing him happy and without fear is very good, because, for years, he was judged by the people at church, and so he did not feel well and, consequently, he could not accept himself. Later, Gil became a example of self-acceptance and a symbol of the fight against discrimination, serving as a reference to several people. This, especially after Gil star in the first kiss between men in the reality show's history. He kissed Lucas Penteado in a scene which was much criticized by the conservative public - but much cheered by us!

Gil do vigor: where did that name come from?

The nickname came up in college when a friend of Gil told him to "vigorar” to take the exams. In English, this word means something like "perseverate", "keep going". This nickname is related to Gil's great dedication to studies: He was always very hardworking and, under the influence of his mother, he started to study Economics.

About the future: What can we expect?

The plans for the future? Oh, we can consider several! Since he left the most guarded house in Brazil, contracts are coming from various places. Gilberto signed with Globo and will be responsible for the entertainment area. Later, he announced that he is planning to release a biography called "Tem que vigorar". Gil has partnered with several brands such as Motorola, Bis, OBoticário, Vigor and C&A. But, first, he wants to focus on his studies abroad. What more can we wait for?


The article above was edited by Helena Cardoso.

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