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Get To Know The Up-And-Coming Indie Rock Supergroup Boygenius

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Casper Libero chapter.

In early 2018, three talented young women decided to create a band named Boygenius. The American supergroup formed by Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers and Lucy Dacus is now navigating the indie rock scene by giving us everything we’ve been craving for: a sensitive and vulnerable view on music.

Since that summer, all three of them have worked on different projects by themselves. However, now that they’re reunited as a band, they’re shining brighter than ever. So, if you haven’t already checked on Boygenius, it’s a must to.

How they met

As Bridgers described, the group’s creation was “kind of an accident”. They were all new and promising artists at the time, sharing and attending the same spaces. Both Phoebe and Lucy opened for Julien on different tours in 2016, but the main reason for the friendship’s takeoff was simply them being fans of each other’s work.

The trio kept getting closer and playing together just for fun, but, as Baker pointed out to a Vogue interview,We were all going to tour together, so it seemed obvious that we would perform together”. “It’d be so fun to sing together (…) it would actually be so fun to be in a real band”, added Bridgers.

Group name

Suggesting the group’s sense of humor, the band’s chosen name has an ironic touch to it, considering that the process of their music involves almost exclusively women.

The three of them constantly shared their frustrations of being compared to each other as “women in rock“, since their music styles are considerably different. Dacus has said that “the idea of women in music should not be remarkable whatsoever”, with Bridgers adding that “it’s not a genre”.

The group’s name is basically a joke on how everything men say is wrongfully considered brilliant and groundbreaking, and how they still can be “boy genius” as female artists.


The band’s first release in 2018 was their self-titled EP, Boygenius, which was written, recorded and self-produced in four days. It was a remarkable introduction to the group that foresaw even bigger projects.

On the last day of march, Boygenius released their debut studio album: The Record. It was announced earlier this year, in January, and has been achieving a numerous amount of great reviews. With thought-through lyrics and hypnotizing vocals, the album has reached #1 on the UK albums chart, being their first #1 piece of work.

To promote it, a short film directed by Kristen Stewart was produced, and it made all fans fall even harder for them.



The article above was edited by Milena Casaca.

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