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Get To Know Gloria Groove’s Second Album “Lady Leste”

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Daniel Garcia Felicione Napoleão, better known as Gloria Groove, was born in São Paulo, on January 18, 1995. The singer grew up in a musical family, and for that reason, created a great connection with music from a very early age. The artist became known soon after starting a career in dubbing, where it became one of the main names in the Brazilian market. Gloria gained even more fame when launched herself in the music world like a drag queen, scoring many successful tracks, becoming the idol of many Brazilians, but also an example of resistance for LGBTQIA+ fans.

Lexa feat. Gloria Groove - Provocar. One of the hits by the artist.

Five years after the release of her first album, “O Proceder”, Gloria Groove is back, representing one of the great references of national pop today. With the great release of her new album, “Lady Leste”, she debuts the project with 13 tracks and six guest appearances (Mc Hariel, Sorriso Maroto, Priscilla Alcantara). Some of these singles already hit in the musical world, such as "Bonekinha", "A Queda", and "Leilão". The singer was for the first time in the "Top 200" of the Billboard with the hit "A Queda", winning the title of the first drag queen to reach that position.

Gloria Groove - A Queda. One of the singles that already hit the musical world.

“Lady Leste” is about the feminine feeling that was always present in her life. The artist expresses all her versatility on the album, making clear the flexibility of the different musical genres used in the songs, from funk to rock, but always in an authentic and talented way.

To her, the album represents her origin as the artist she is today and especially the drag queen icon she is by making clear all her empowerment in the songs, which ends up representing and encouraging many people who still feel excluded in society for being who they are. Therefore, the diva comes to end all prejudices that still exist through art.

You can check out “Lady Leste” on all digital streaming platforms.


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