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Get To Know Two Huge Fans of “Avengers”: Heloísa and Giovanna

The Avengers come from a legion of 1963 when they first appeared in the comics created by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby and Dick Ayers of Marvel Comics. The first formation that existed of the group was composed by Thor, Iron Man, Ant-Man, Hulk and American Captain, inspired by the Justice League of DC Comics.

Unlike the other teams in the Marvel universe, the Avengers have received official recognition from the government since the first film, giving greater value to the heroes and being recognized as the most powerful on Earth. This enabled them to have contact with humans, not humans, mechanical heroes, regenerated villains, and supernatural beings.

The greatest success of the Avengers was recognized by the Marvel Universe Cinematic, where they had the goal to reunite all the characters and create a team of heroes. A huge success all over the world, the Avengers have collected thousands of fans from every age, every country and culture.

Today, we are going to meet two fan girls of Avenger and get to know how this passion came about.

Heloísa Barci, 23

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“About 11 years ago, Marvel came into my life. My brother introduced me to this universe because he always loved surreal heroes, comics’ books and video games. Once I took some time to watch movies play and read with him and I realized that I might like it too. After that, I got into this Universe and had no way out!

I really like Marvel and Avengers because I have always enjoyed stories of adventure, action, mythology and fantasy with influence on real stories of our humanity. I think Marvel is the connection of all of this into one thing. They portray their stories as surreal as they seem, there’s a lot of reality between their lines.

Imagine our real world being fought by superheroes and super heroines giving us a reason to believe that everything can improve. Even when everything is difficult and ready to explode, we have to hold on to hope and trust that there are good people to help us fight the evil. Besides being charismatic characters and having their own personality, a life and family, this causes me to enter and be part of this universe, because it shows me that it’s close to our reality.

They influence us to always think about the community and to have the confidence, hope and courage to face our challenges and achieve our goals. Always reminding that we wouldn’t be anything without our families and friends.”

Giovanna Britto, 17

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“I’ve been a fan of superheroes for a long time. I remember reading my father’s comics when he was very young, so I don’t have a well-defined date. I remember I always read Batman comics, but as I grew up I preferred X-men’s and then migrated to the Avengers, mainly because I started cosplaying Marvel characters.

Becoming a Marvel fan, for me, is the same as being a fan of a pop diva: you don’t really know why you are, you just have a big affection. I think nerd culture represents a lot of what our society is today and a lot of what it should be, and what I love about Marvel is that superheroes are literally humans – their greatest heroes are a rich guy and a strong man.

I think they represent a lot of what each person in our society should be and they come up with beautiful ideals and we identify with them, even with Thor, who is a god. I love Marvel because I see myself in it.

Today my life has become a nerd culture. My entire room has pictures and posters of the MCU, plus my T-shirt collection. I don’t think there’s anything Marvel does not influence in my life. Mainly because I’m a cosplayer, so all the time, all year, there’s a cosplay project being prepared for some new Marvel debut.”

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