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Get To Know More About Law Of Attraction And How To Use It Effectively

Imagine you get the job of your dreams... The car of your dreams... Taking that trip you have always wanted to do... Attracting everything you have ever wanted and becoming the best version of yourself that you have ever imagined. If you think this is impossible, the law of attraction proves you are wrong!

Thoughts become things. This is the basic principle of the law that says that you can have, do or be anything you want to. You become and attract what you mostly think about, and that is why we must train our thoughts to make this process more and more effective. 

See yourself living in abundance, and you will attract it. Definitely, it can be very confusing to understand how it actually happens, but it can get way easier when we assume that everything is energy. Everything has a certain frequency, including each one of us. Therefore, we attract people, things, and situations that have the same frequency as us.

What do you really want? 

Your goals are probably just a few thoughts from you, and Karine Silva discovered that in the best way.  “At the time I really wanted to start working, so I started to wake up early every day, as if I was going to work, always thinking about a job, sending resumes. A few months later I got an interview and passed ... since then I believe a lot!”, says. Working today as an engineer, she recognizes how the power of attraction worked in her life at that moment. 
To not forget to practice, Karine says that whenever she can, she rereads the book “The Secret”,  by Rhonda Byrne, essential reading for those who want to find more out about how the art of attraction works. “This book changed my life so much that I even tattooed it”, says.

So, does it mean we have attracted everything we have in our lives until this moment? Yes, it does. Consciously or unconsciously. And here we are with the big point of the manifestation of thoughts: the bad thoughts.  

The universe works as a very obedient machine, and consequently, the tendency is for you to receive everything that you focus most of your thoughts on, regardless of whether they are positive or negative. 

If you are wondering why bad things show up every time in your life, probably that is because you are taking most of your time to think about what you do not want. When people focus on the things they wouldn’t like happening, they are actually calling that into existence. The Law of Attraction doesn’t hear that you don’t want it, and so it is going to show up over and over again. 

But hold on, there is good news about it. An affirmative thought is hundreds of times more powerful than a negative one, and that’s why we should teach our mind to be and manifest everything we want to become and attract. 

Learning how to think

Well, now it’s is already known that everything that is coming into your life, you are attracting into it, and it is attracted to you by the images you are holding in your mind. But how do you do that? For you to wish, you need to know exactly what you want, and for that, you should organize your mind, which means, analyze and visualize your goals.  

To help those interested in learning more about how to insert the law of attraction into everyday life and share everything she has learned about the topic in the past ten years, Karen created the @saindodopapel_ profile on Instagram. Saving the effort, it proposes more simplified explanations that improve the followers' performance in understanding and attracting what they want in their lives. 

Deepening her studies of Human Design, she realized that an effective manifestation of thoughts depends directly on how much you know yourself. The results will be increasingly visible with the balance between theory, practice, and self-knowledge.

“It is necessary to have a solid base of theory, as to understand the main points. It is also important to have a consistent practice related to the law of attraction and still be always investing in self-knowledge. If you know yourself, understand the theory and put everything into practice, you can attract what you want ”, says Karen.

Among the techniques, she highlights her personal preferences. In addition to meditation, which helps in the process of concentration and self-knowledge, practicing affirmations according to your wishes allows a much greater sense of accomplishment. Journaling and Vision Board are also extremely effective techniques when it comes to organizing and visualizing thoughts from the writing and the illustrative board, ensuring greater focus on the goals creatively. 

“To insert in the day-to-day, it is first necessary to define that the law of attraction techniques will be your priority. If you don't make it a priority in your routine, it's easy to let go or leave it for later”, says.

It is important to remember that in the law of attraction you will need to act as well. Sitting and waiting for things to magically appear in front of you does not work if you do not participate in the attraction process.

Social Medias in action 

And who said that social networks cannot be a great help at this time? Regardless of your type of routine, if you like to surf on the internet and dedicate time every day to them, you can enjoy and use them to follow profiles that teach the law of attraction, follow people who already have what you want to achieve, and even create a private profile to post and view what you mostly think about.

“I receive daily messages from followers thanking me for my content and reporting how their lives have changed. Each message shows me that I am achieving my goal, one follower at a time”, said Karen.

The good results on social networks encouraged a next step for the content creator: the creation of an e-book that is already being written. The project includes theory and practical exercises simply and directly, going from basic to advance.

“When I first discovered the law of attraction, my perception of life changed. Today I am no longer at the mercy of my thoughts. My actions are always in line with what I want to attract, and when something happens outside of expectations, I manage it better and change it to get what I really want in the end”, says.

Understanding the law of attraction is knowing that you can change that reality that you dislike. With knowledge and practice, everything can come true.


The article above was edited by Giullia Cartaxo.

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