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Get To Know More About How Astrology Can Help You To Know Yourself

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Casper Libero chapter.

Emotional maturity. Interpersonal and intrapersonal intelligence. Greater control of your desires and goals. These are some benefits acquired by those who seek to know each other more and more. Self-knowledge can be developed in many ways, and one of the ways is the analysis of the birth chart.

What not even most people know is that astrology is an ancient study. It developed there in Mesopotamia and judiciously with the peoples of Babylon, Persia, Sumeria and Assyria, in addition to the Chaldeans. As it is a region of plains, they were able to observe the sky more easily. And, from the knowledge acquired about the phases of the Moon, they started to use this knowledge complementary to agriculture and fishing.

And studies are improving over the years, so much so that according to the owner of instagram @astrologandocomgabri, Gabriela Sasso, 37, astrology is one of the most powerful tools to identify what are the powers of each sign, as well as what are the challenges also. This fact is due, especially, because all people are a mixture of many other signs. And, also, the positioning of houses and planets, will determine what will be the weight of each one in the formation of the individual personality.

When the individual understands the particularities, differences and similarities of Aries to Pisces. For example, keeping in mind that there are four divisions in the zodiac (fire, water, earth and air), which, in turn, takes as a criterion basic character traits, emotions, behavior and thinking. Thus, the ability to relate to each other can greatly improve. Completes: “You can see the other person in a deeper way.”

“Astrology came into my life in a way that brought me peace”. The astrologer comments, and then adds that nothing shown on the map is a determination. In fact, great trends and strengths are revealed. It concludes that, when carrying out this analysis, the possibility of knowing whether the individual is following, or not, “his way”.

From the point of view of someone who took his love and interest in the subject to a professional level, Paula Arruda Penteado, 41, “you stop running away from you” when you get to know yourself more. Graduated from Gaia Escola de Astrologia, and took a course in astrocartography at Regulus Escola de Astrologia, she reveals that the need to understand herself better came to light, mainly after her father’s sudden death.

Like Gabriela, Paula also believes that by being aware of the challenges to be faced, the propensity to be able to deepen them and, in a way, learn to deal with these skills, life becomes lighter. Precisely because these gifts were developed and used. “Child is a set of memories. And, astrology reveals all of that ”. Says the teacher and advisor at Escola Gaia, Patrícia Boni, 55 years old. According to her, the birth chart goes far beyond the sun sign (which is a position, when talking about the sun on the day you were born), as each planet plays a role in the individual’s personality. She also exemplifies: “when we talk about our ability to communicate, we relate Mercury to our affective capacity of the affective function. On Venus, negotiation. Mars speaks of expression based on achievements and desire. ”

She continues to explain that the map brings, besides the temperament and the challenges of each one, the family history. “Astrology is time, it is the planetary movement”. According to her, it brings human experiences since the person’s birth. It brings out what are the vocations, pending questions, which areas of the body each one may be more sensitive to and also the relationships with studies. Everything serves so that the astrologer can guide you to deal better with these questions.

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It is a consensus among the three that the rise of the internet contributes to a greater popularization of access to the study of astrology. Precisely, for practicality. There are channels on youtube, profiles on instagram (such as Paula Arruda and Gabriela Sasso) and many sites that provide horoscopes and astrological charts for free. And even if the reader does not immediately identify himself with the interpretation of any site, just search on others. Watch other videos, as the interpretations are often complementary.

Despite the positive outlook, astrologer Patrícia Boni believes that the internet is often a “stage for ignorance”. Precisely because, most people are too lazy to check whether the information is true or not. Therefore, the tool has many uses if the user is aware of what he is reading. Check the authenticity of the content, so as not to spread false news later.

And today, with the new coronavirus pandemic, people have, in a way, been forced to reflect on themselves. “It is a year for us to stop running away from us” declares Paula Arruda. He goes on to say that it is a time to face the truth, maturity and tranquility, and thus establish greater self-knowledge.

Another point made by Gabriela Sasso, emphasizing that experts already consider something “challenging” for 2020, and Patrícia Boni was about the cyclicality of events in history under the analysis of astrology. The teacher at Escola Gaia adds that when studying other pandemics, it is noticed that many have the same planetary concentration. Since, from the moment you have the date, there is a possibility to study the subject.


Astrology divides opinions. While there are people who believe and study more every day, there are others who are not only skeptical, but mock the first group. The reasons for not believing are the most varied: many think it is silly, because they do not consider it as a science. Therefore, in the view of these individuals, depositing belief in astrology is a mistake.

Patrícia prefers to see skepticism as an inability to understand any truth. Therefore, people who refrain from understanding astrology better (according to the astrology teacher, it is not a belief) just ignore it, and create a truth with what they know. And yet, this lack of credibility in the matter may be due to the laziness to reflect. To leave the most intellectual and robotic part.

The narrow view that the horoscope is the main part of these studies is still prevalent by outsiders. And, for the astrologer Gabriela Sasso, this fact is one of the main reasons for the presence of skepticism. And she explains that this thinking is wrong, precisely because, as already said, people have influence from other signs. “A person may be a sign of Aries, but she has a cancer ascendant” exemplifies Gabriela, citing a sign of Fire (they present enthusiasm as the main characteristic) and Water (in turn, they present emotion), respectively.

Among loves and disbeliefs, astrology is still a hot topic among young people. Many, when they are without subject, use it in small parts of their daily lives. Conversations with friends, with the crush and even with family members are guided by: “What is your sign?”, “What is your ascendant?” and “Have you made your birth chart yet?” But in addition, it can assist in self-knowledge. Mainly, in this pandemic period when the time for reflection is longer, astrology may be responsible for bringing comfort to people.


The article above was edited by Laura Silveira.

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