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Gabriela Alice de Moraes is a 23-year-old law student, and when she is not diving her nose in a textbook, she is striking the runway. “The Brazillian woman is unique”, she states, and she is no different. Gabi always felt like a woman, ever since she was little, and did not belong in the body she was born into, “I think every kid knows deep down”. Bit by bit, she slowly changed and became the woman she is now, she says “I have always been a little girl in a boy’s body”.

With Gisele Bündchen as her inspiration, she is enchanted with the female body. Gabi discovered her passion and talent for modeling, joking around with her friends in middle school. She simply put the two together, it was something she genuinely liked, and apparently is really good at, so why not?  

What is she doing?

With two titles already, the 23-year-old is an extroverted person with a forward personality, adores posing, modeling, and being photographed. Loving what she does, yet talks about how important is to have this type of competition, Miss Trans Global is a pageant made by trans women, for trans women, “Trans bodies are still ignored”, since pageants are now bringing this up, she states that other trans women are seeing they can participate in beauty pageants as well, “It is important to have trans body walking, parading, in a bikini, evening gowns, showing we can dream”. 
Although Brazil is the country that kills trans people the most, Gabi sends an inspiring message of persistence to Brazilian people to not give up, so neither should her. Besides law school, she works in communications at a Brazilian fintech, she says “As a good Sagittarius, I intend to mix everything!” as is already opening paths, giving visibility to important topics in the company, and seeks to show young girls and everyone that she is more than capable, at all times.

Talking about others experiences, Gabi wants to bring up Latin American issues to the competitions, as she realizes that other contestants don’t know anything about her beloved Brazil, and still think Spanish is the official language, “I adore this country, from the bottom of my heart, and I think I am very Brazilian, there is this charisma and joy that Latin women have”.

At the beginning of 2021, she won the Miss Trans Global Brazil and will now represent Brazil in the worldwide competition, and is “Absolutely prepared to raise this flag”. Gabi Alice is the embodiment of Brazil, in the best way possible, she is caring, funny, loving, charismatic, and sympathetic, and most importantly, she is proud, “It is so gratifying to be able to represent Brazil”, she is a walking sunshine if you have not noticed.

Plans for the future

With all the responsibility she carries, the message of hope and determination is also a constant theme. She adds that no matter what your body looks like, this is how voices are heard, and changes are made, “This is the right time to give yourself in and break down barriers”, she is the inspiration and role model young girls need, her motto is to never give up.

Later in 2021 she will compete with girls all around the world, but is confident that it will be a success, as she affirms that Brazil has everything to win because there is something indescribable. There is no forecast for an in-person competition, due to the pandemic, but she is very excited and she “can not wait to shine and kill it with the gringas ''.


The article above was edited by Thays Avila.

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