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Get To Know: 5 Youtube Girls You Need To Meet!

Do you wanna improve your english or your vocabulary? Or maybe you want to get to know a few different accents, contents and jokes? In this list, you’ll find five different girls for you to enjoy and learn a lot from.

And yes, there’s a bit of everything in this list - from maternity to nailart - but I am sure you’ll find something you like. I can assure you that you’ll laugh a lot with these girls.

Check the list below! 

  1. 1. Safiya Nygaard

    If you’re into the BuzzFeed content, you probably know who Safiya is. She used to be part of LadyLike (a famous BuzzFeed channel), and she was constantly producing and participating of a bunch of videos with the other girls. But hey, since she left the company, her content has become very original and very enjoyable. Make sure to watch all her bad makeup experiences, as well as her special series with her (now!) husband Tyler, who went in a journey to the perfect wedding. 

  2. 2. Simply Nailogical 

    In this case, if you like pure humor with bits of serious talks, you’ll love Cristine. Simply Nailogical used to be a big YouTube channel about nails, but nowadays the main focus is comedy and light content. But don’t be fooled! Cristine also talks about very serious subjects, and as a sociologist herself, most of the finishing parts of her videos are reflections of something - like hyper-consumerism, for instance. 

    She’s also canadian, so it’s really nice to learn about their culture and accent!

  3. 3. Zoe Sugg (the famous Zoella!)

    If you were a fan of YouTube during 2013, you’ll probably know Zoella. This british youtuber is a beauty guru, currently owns a company of beauty products and she also has written four books (Cordially Invited and the Girl Online series). Although she used to be more active on YouTube in the past, this girl has great content: from fashion, to make up, to challenges and collabs, I’m sure you’ll find something to be fond of. And her accent is absolutely cute!

  4. 4. Hannah Williams

    Escaping from a more usual content, the youtuber Hannah Williams, the World’s okayest mom, chooses to talk about her everyday life and the struggles that comes with it. She’s the mother of three beautiful boys (Jackson, Wyatt and Henry) and she’s very true to her routine. In her videos, Hannah not only talks about the truth about parenting, but also about the whole romanticization that comes with it. She’s also a Tasty producer from BuzzFeed, and constantly films videos for their channel. I’m sure you’ll love her series, her sons are really sweet and it’s impossible to not laugh at Wyatt’s dramas.

  5. 5. polandbananasBOOKS

    Now, if you’re a bookworm like me, you’ll love Christine. This girl is so energetic that makes everything even more fun to watch, even when her content is mainly focused on writing and books. She also talks about pop culture in general, but be prepared for a lot of Harry Potter, Cassandra Clare and contemporary romances, her favorite type of books. And even though she speaks really fast, her english is really easy to understand and it’ll probably help you out in your journey to increase your vocabulary.


The article above was edited by Laura Ferrazzano. 

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