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Get Inspired by the Pantone Colors for 2017

Now the fashion month is over, Pantone had kept its eyes on the trending colors colors at New York, London, Milan and Paris weeks and recently released the 10 Spring/Summer colors to 2017. Beating on three different shades of blue to the next season, two green tones were also chosen, side by side with two shades of pink and one representative for the yellow, red and nude colors.

Now, check out some ideas for makeup, hair and nails we’ve separated for you. From basic production to the boldest ones, you might be about to make some changes on your color inspirations. 


From daring green tones to classic baby pink and nude, there is a world of possibilities for your next makeup production. Check out some inspiration pics and our selection of products for you to buy.

1. Warm Tan 41 Creme Bronzer by Sonia Kashuk | R$ 36 at Target.com

2. Bangin’ Brilliant Eyeshadow by MAC | R$ 52 at Macys.com

If you’re open to new and bold ideas, a pinch of Primrose Yellow might please you. Turning that flashy yellow eyeshadow into a pretty eyeliner isn’t limited to Carnival and Halloween parties anymore, as much as some bronzer is always welcome to make it looks like summer the entire year.

1. Nº 10 Liquid Matte Lipstick by Vult | R$ 22,30 at Ikesaki.com

2. Eyes to Kill Eyeshadow by Giorgio Armani | R$ 100 at Selfridges.com

As much as they fit well together, a daily production doesn’t essentially needs both of them to make you glow. The orangish red from Flame can make a simple makeup turns into a stunning one when it colors your lips. Also, the light green tone from Greenery is a special call when you’re running late but is looking for something new too.

1. Espetáculo Liquid Matte Lipstick by Dailus PRO | R$ 16,11 at Walmart.com

2. The Saddle Aura Blush by Sigma | R$ 62 at Belk.com

3. Liquid Art Liner by Too Faced | R$ 65 at Macys.com

Nude can always be a must have item to our basic makeup products, and if you’re on the basic team, keeping the Hazelnut color as a trend will make you happy, won’t you? Blue details come with the Island Paradise tone, but the decision is up to you: eyeliner to add some color or eyeshadow to take your art production to the next level?

Are we going too basic for you yet? Don’t you give up on this article, because we haven’t forgotten that amazing lipstick colors you’re certainly looking for.

1. Azul Lipstick by Natura | R$13,90 at rede.natura.net

2. Poison Ivy Liquid Lipstick by Fierce Magenta | R$42,81 at etsy.com

Now we’ve reached another baseline with Lapis Blue and Greenery lipstick, and you’re pleased with them, I bet! There are no rules for makeup and your creativity, so why not? A happy Monday might require some eccentric lipstick combined with the trending colors, it’s all up to you!


Even bolder and exciting, if dying your hair to not-that-common color is one of your plans for the next months, here are some ideas based on the 2017 Pantone colors, from discreet pink highlights to hardy green makeovers.

If you’re looking for huge hair changes, the Kale green shade and the Pink Yarrow are huge inspirations to a wild change on your hair style. They are great pick outs to bring a brand new frame to your face, both look stunning, right?

Not really feeling like dying every single hair of yours? Not a problem here! Highlights are pretty much welcome with the Pale Dogwood pink tone and the Niagara blue, balancing the shine of a new hair style with your personal style, even though you’re not that sober.

But watch out and don’t you forget to make some researches and talk to your hair stylist before sinking on the colored hair world! Coloring requires some especial cares to bring you the most satisfactory effect in the end.


If the idea of dying your hair blue or buying a green eyeshadow is a little bit too much for you, here’s an easy, cheap and not that bold alternative: nail polish!

All shades chosen by Pantone already have their exemplars as a Brazilian nail polish color, allowing you to play with the possibilities from the cheapest alternative to the most expensive one. Here we show you some of them!
1. LAPIS BLUE: Royal by Impala | R$ 2,75 at Ikesaki.com

2. FLAME: 40 Graus by Colorama | R$ 2,90 at Ikesaki.com

3. PRIMROSE YELLOW: Andreia by Impala | R$ 6,49 at Americanas.com

4. KALE: Verde Black by Bruna Marquezine | R$ 5,99 at Ikesaki.com

5. HAZELNUT: Cor da Pele by Anita | R$ 5,22 at Walmart.com.br

6. NIAGARA: Los Encantos da Catalunha by Risqué | R$ 3,99 at Ikesaki.com

7. PINK YARROW: Rosa Happy by Be Free | R$ 19,90 at Polishop.com

8. ISLAND PARADISE: Relax da Penélope by Risqué | R$3,99 at Americanas.com

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