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I was not surprised when I saw circulating through the media that Deadpool 2 would be rated for over 18 years, much less when I entered the movie theater and soon facing the key announcement was “Deadpool 2 is only for adults over 18. Children can not even come in accompanied by parents.” But the difference is that the character himself states with the full mouth at the beginning of the film that the story is an exactly something about family.

For those who do not know the chatty mercenary, he is just a typical hero who gains superpowers after scientific experiments. But who Deadpool would be without his pornographic humor and obscene gestures during his actions? Ryan Reynolds is the actor who gives life and voice to the antihero in both the first and second films, and the he promptly states that the footprint of the second film is a lot more humor than action.

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But enough of gossiping and what’s the point?

[SPOILER] Even though the film is somewhat atypical for children, the character Wade Wilson tends to show all the time his search for something that fills his little heart of the terrible emptiness that was left early in the scenes, with Vanessa’s death.

1. References to other films

Since the beginning, names of other long ones make a small appearance by the lips of the talkative character, but not always of a very educated form. I cannot let go of the post-credit scene, which elicited several laughter from the audience in the room — and many of mine.

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2. X-Men

Just as in the first film, for having become a mutant, Colossus’ struggle to take Wilson to the mansion and officially make him an X-Men — trainee! — finally materializes in this sequence, giving him a new chance to start again and “put your heart in the right place.” [SPOILER] However, it’s in this middle that Russell appears, causing the protagonist to shoot some bullets around and end up hitting someone’s forehead.

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3. X-Force

During the movie we meet Russell, a brand-new mutant who ends up going to the refrigerator for reasons of “disturbing the peace”, and because of that Deadpool creates a team/family to save the boy. But it’s in this scene that we come face-to-face with Cable, a traveling mutant who has bills to hit the boy.

In the trailers and in the film is more than confirmed that X-Force will exist, since in the comics the team is created exactly by Cable — but that is for another post. But on the movie screens, the team did not last long, if at all.

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4. Domino

With the arrival of X Force, we have the pleasure to meet Domino, the heroine of the time. Her entry in the sequence fits very well with the protagonist, being that her superpower is a touch of pure luck — and maybe a little math because it falls between us, being so lucky is something worthy of privilege.

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Deadpool is forced to think about friendship, family and what it really means to be a hero in this new Marvel movie. But to do the right thing and get a final worthy of special effects, you have to fight dirty and kick some ass around.

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