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Feng Shui: What Does it Mean & How to Use it to Raise the Vibe of Your House

Feng Shui is a chinese current of thought, which, translated to English, literally means “wind” and “water”. This current explores the relation yin/yang, considering that wind = yang and water = yin. They represent the knowledge of harmonizing a space to improve the energy (named chi) of the room and those who live or work there. It’s a way to make the space more energy healthier and attract some good intentions.

Before you apply this technique in your home, you need to know and understand the Feng Shui energy map of the room, called Bagua. In it, there are nine elements that influences in your life, each of them represented by a color: fame; relationships; creativity; travel; career; inner knowledge; family, ancestors and health; blessings; and the Tai Chi Center – that represents the convergence of all elements. This map acts in your house like a dipping compass, guiding how you should decorate your home in order to align your joys and bring the best vibe to the environment.

The chi energy is influenced by the furniture that we put in each room. This means that some furniture can stop the free circulation of energy, and this also can stop benefiting some of your life elements. Each house room has a function and a furniture that represents it. A simple example: in the bedroom, the main furniture is the bed; in an office, is the desk. So, this means that the main furniture need to be seen, like, ~in evidence~. 

So, now that you understand more about this energetic state of mind, here are some decoration and organization tips with Feng Shui applied, that may help you harmonize your house! Check them out on the list below:


Before start redecorating your home, place your “energy compass” there! You can position the “work” area to the north, and also place the same area in the house entrance and of each space. This can help you to understand what isn’t harmonize in the room. After doing this first step, you can focus on the decoration!

House entrance hallway

This space needs to let the energy circulates, because it’s the first place you enter after getting out of the house. So, you need to be careful because of the energy that comes from the street. Hence, the way you can harmonize this room is making it more “spacious”: it needs to be a “clean” furniture room. You can put some plants and mirrors – they both invite good energies to your home.


Always keep the door closed, same as the toilet lid! The toilet maintains unusable energy, which means that it’s necessary to leave them in their place so there’s no way to contaminate other rooms of the house. 


The most important room of the house, because it’s where you sleep, where you renovates your energy, where you spend the most part of the day – so, all you need is the good vibe. The main furniture (bed) can’t be directly in front of the door, but you need to see the door when you are in bed. Mirrors behind the bed needs to be avoided, because they reflect the energy away from the bed, and the chi should be there. Avoid bringing electronics and job/study material into the room, so you can assure comfort and well-being. 

Be careful with the heights!

Avoid putting heavy objects above your head, they can either fall and hurts you or their presence can cause anxious and preocupation in our subconscients! (This image is a example of what you shouldn’t do when decorating your bedroom).

Plants everywhere!

Plants are always welcome! They bring good energy to the house, contributes to the purification of the ait and some are able to absorb harmful elements such as toluene, formaldehyde and benzenes, which are used in paints, carpets and furniture glues. Did you see? In addition to being incredible for the maintenance of the environment and natural health, plants are also good friends of the Feng Shui

The success of this experience may not come overnight. It takes time and patience. But, if you apply the concept in a right way, it will probably change your life. The Feng Shui can improve your concentration, creativity, peace and joy. It will certainly put your life and your house in a good vibration!


The article above was edited by Helena Cardoso

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