Female Stereotypes We Have to Fight Against

2017... 80 years after the first Disney Princess’ movie, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, was released, we learned one thing or another. 

1. Have a man is your personal life goal

After all, what else could we ask for?

2. To be always well dressed

It’s our obligation to be always ready for a party, wearing the best dress and looking presentable

3. To be sympathetic with everyone

There are no bad days, you have to be always fine.

4. To never be angry

It is your duty to always be sweet, patient and optimist.

5. To follow a restrict diet

That’s the only way to be happy, isn’t it?

6. To dress without sexualizing yourself

7. Do not do the same things that men do, because women have other priorities

And it is not a “women thing”.

8. To accept that you will never be stronger than a man

After all, it is a biological thing, not a chauvinistic point of view.


9. Do not take the first step, that’s the men’s role.

Men do not want women who acts like this and all that we want is a man.

10. You are submissive

You will never be your owner, much less a business woman.  

11. To accept everything that people told you

Specially if it was said by a man, because he knows what is best.

12. To be a housewife

Men have their natural gift for the outside work.

13. To fit in an ideal pattern

To be you means to be weak, therefore don’t be.

14. To give up of your dreams

Men have to be your priority and nothing can stay between that.

Our advice: forget about all of these and be yourself