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Fatphobia, Female Sorority And Male Chauvinism: All About Elite´s Third Season

Who was just hoping for a problem solution and justice, please, have a sit and watch! The third season is the end of a cycle for all the characters that we know and will meet in the new episodes. Marina´s death will no longer be the main problem, but is still ghosting Samu, Rebeka, Carla, Ander, Omar, Polo, Cayetana, Lucrécia, Valério, Samuel, Guzmán and Nadia in the third – and may final – part. This time, the death of the murder is the problem, and also the solution. By the way, the viewer will be questioned if Polo is really as guilty as it seams.

With the typical drama, Elite introduce new characters to show issues that weren’t discussed in the story before, like fatphobia, prostitution, kickbacks and trafficking. However, the series don´t go deeper into the propositions. Complex themes are presented to the audience, which can´t come out with a new perception, in reason of the script´s undeveloped discussion.

Lucrécia has been empowered this season, showing us a great personal growth. A change of ethos and actions of the character is noticeable, she is more mature and has come to represent strongly feminism and issues about sorority.

Beyond a shadow of doubt, the series is more emotional when it shows us perspectives on the life of those who have a serious illness. The proposal is to reflect about how it affects their relationship with those close to them.

As in the previous seasons, the series constantly changes our mind, again applying its tactic of mixing the present and the past. The conflict between justice and forgiveness is the main contradiction, but not the only one.

Live with lies but always get what you want: is it valid? Even risking your belief? To what extent can this lie be accepted? These and many others are questions stay in our heads in the season finale, and we are still in the process to digest all that.


The article above was edited by Gabriela Sartorato.  

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