Fashion Up: #7 Looks With Pantalona Jeans

Whoever is looking for a timeless, sophisticated piece that can be worn in different types of looks, needs to invest in pantaloons! Its main characteristic is its straight or A-line cut, found in the high, medium and low waist versions. The pantalona jeans, on the other hand, brings a more youthful look! It can be worn either in more social and professional looks, or even in casual looks. And the best part is that is super comfortable! 

Below are some inspiring looks with different pantalona jeans: 

  1. 1. High Waist 

    The high waist pants have become a strong trend in current fashion, allowing the waist marking and the body modeling. In the case of pantalona jeans, it is no different, leaving any look elegant.

  2. 2. With Jeans Belt 

    The jeans belt is a detail that cannot be hide! For this reason, use cropped tops, bodysuits or t-shirts inside the pants to draw more attention to the pants and the charm that is part of it. 

  3. 3. Side Slit 

    The side slit of the pantalona jeans created all the style of this look. Worn with a simple shirt with a little knot, the composition became stripped and chic!

  4. 4. Pantalona Jeans with T-shirt 

    Do you have doubts about wearing pantalona jeans with your favorite T-shirt? If you are looking for a stripped look, this is the perfect option! You can wear it with sneakers or high heels, both will give you a super charming look!

  5. 5. Pantalona Jeans with Flat Shoes 

    Pantalona Jeans with flat shoes are allowed? For sure! Do not forget to wear them with a short-sleeve or a strap top to complete the flat shoes style.

  6. 6. Destroyed! 

    A cool look for everyday? This is the perfect option! In addition to comfort, the destroyed pantalona jeans let the look super trendy and can be used with sneakers or high heels.

  7. 7. All Jeans 

    And for those who still have doubts about an all jeans look ... How can you not fall in love with this basic that does not go out of style? Elegant and practical, the pants with jeans shirt will not let you down. 

What did you think of the tips? Did them inspire you to put together new looks? Tell us!


The article above was edited by Mel Trench

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