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Fan of Realities? Here’s a List of 5 Really Cool Ones For You to Enjoy!

I know we all have different things to do during quarantine, but in the end of the day – or during the weekends – we deserve to chill out. If you scrolled the Netflix catalog and didn’t find anything you might enjoy, don’t worry: I got you covered.

In this list you’ll find five reality shows that will make you laugh, fall in love and, if you’re a soft heart like me, probably get emotional as well. 

Sugar Rush

This one is for you who is obsessed with culinary reality shows. In Sugar Rush you need to go against the clock to prepare two amazing desserts and save a bit of time for your big creation: a huge and very well elaborated cake for the judges. You can not only find the regular show (with currently two seasons) but also the Christmas version. I can guarantee you’ll feel the pressure while watching!

The Circle

If you watched the brazilian version and you’re totally obsessed with it, I have good news! On Netflix you can also find the USA version and the french version. This TV show is all about being popular and becoming the number one influencer among the other contestants. And here’s the catch: you can even pretend to be someone else so you have a shot for the big prize!

The Circle is a very fun tv show that you won’t regret giving a chance to. I promise it’s worth it!

Dating Around

I’m sure you’ve heard about reality shows like Love is Blind or Too Hot to Handle, that recently became very popular. Don’t come at me, I love both and I think they’re very good TV shows, but have you heard about Dating Around? 

Dating Around was the first “dating reality show” that Netflix produced back in 2019. During the episodes, you get to know a person who gets paired up in a blind date. It’s really addicting and the episodes aren’t very long, so you can easily binge watch them during your breaks from the assigments you’ve probably been writing. 

Next in Fashion

If you’re a fan of Queer Eye, I promise you’ll love the main hosts: Tan France e Alexa Chung, the ones who will judge the fashion designers on their pieces. This show is all about what’s trending in the fashion world, influences and what people are wearing around the world. I got emotional a few times, and I learned a lot about fashion while watching to it, so make sure you don’t miss it! 

Also, if you like drama, give Next in Fashion a shot. You won’t regret it!

Interior Design Masters

Last but not least, this one is for you who really likes interior design. This british reality is all about letting your creative side flow and work on pretty rooms. Interior Design Masters is very easy to binge, and even though you’ll get mad at the judges all the time (and I promise you will), it does take away that bit of boredom you’re probably feeling right now. And they have a brazilian contest! And she’s ~obviously~ the ultimate favorite.

I’m sure that if you haven’t watched any one them, you should definitely give it a try!  #StayHome


The article above was edited by Laura Ferrazzano.

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