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Fall 2020 Trend Alert: Chess Pattern, Puff Sleeves And Ruffles - Check Out The Looks!

In October 2019, the 48th edition of São Paulo Fashion Week took place in São Paulo, which brought what will be on the rise in autumn/winter 2020. The event stood out for having more diverse models, such as different types of bodies, genders and races. Brands are increasingly becoming aware of the importance of diversity, and we are grateful, of course!

The trends presented, were also diverse, among colors, textures and shapes. See what promises to be success in this new season!

  1. 1. Cardigan

    The cardigan is the favorite piece of all seasons, as it is light and basic and goes well with any look. Bet on wearing the cardigan in winter and in the next season, because it will be yet another hit in the combinations.

  2. 2. Trench Coat

    It will be the best coat for the 2020 looks! The classic coat already carries its own elegance and sophistication and, this season, is the right option to rock the look. But the biggest novelty is that, in addition to being able to use this unique piece with long dresses and more casual looks, this season the trend is to use this piece in the sportswear style, with leggings and sneakers. The idea is to mix different looks to become as relaxed as possible.      

  3. 3. Puff Sleeves

    As in the summer, the boho tops with voluminous sleeves and square necklines were a success, in the winter the volume on the sleeves will continue to give glamour to the pieces.

  4. 4. Transparency

    The light and transparent fabrics will appear in the most diverse models and styles, either in details or even in whole piece.

  5. 5. Head accessories

    Another trend that will be a hit this fall/winter are the head accessories, such as berets, scarves and hats. The head will continue to be the point of highlight of the looks.

  6. 6. Strong Colors

    Bet in colors that will make your production more interest and different, especially in mustard, blue petroleum and old rose colors.

  7. 7. Ruffles

    The ruffles have returned with everything in the last seasons and this will be no different in the next one! They will bring your productions more movement and let them more stylish.

  8. 8. Brightness

    The shiny look will remain in the season, whether in fabrics with a shiny finishing, sequins and even strass accessories, this trend will be a success.

  9. 9. Chess Pattern

    The plaid print is redesigned for this season, with a light background and less heavy colors. A more stripped down version of the classic winter pattern. And, to complete these winter 2020 trend tips, nothing like a voice from a fashion professional, who works every day as a fashion and sales consultant, dealing with amazing clothes and always knowing very well what is coming next.

Mariana Pietroboon, graduated in fashion because is passionate about fashion shows and brands like Glória Coelho and Versace. Today, what most satisfies her to work with fashion, is always being up to date and dealing with the public, being present in the daily lives of many influencers.

“This winter, the covers, in addition to the Trench Coats, will be a great bet for the looks. What came from the summer and will continue, are the striking shoulders with puffed sleeves, which are inspirations from the 70s. Tailoring will be stronger this season, accompanied by plaid, leather and animal print, which is here to stay! ”.

These are our tips for you who loves fashion to be aware of what is about to come! And you, what are you expecting for this winter?


The article above was edited by Gabriela Sartorato.   

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