Expired Makeup: Dangers of Using Overdue Products

There is nothing more pleasurable for some fans of makeup than buy new products for skin! It’s always a different emotion to choose the color of your new lipstick “Do I pick up the red one or the violet one? hum...”; the best mascara “which one of those brush can make my eyelashes look bigger?” or, even better, to choose that eyeliner for the perfect sketchy and the bb cream and the face powder that have the best shades for your skin color…

After this purchase, it comes the second best part: take off all makeup of the package. But, wait a moment! Do you remember when the expiration date of the products is? Ok. So we have a problem. The majority of us always throw out the package of the makeup products and don’t register the expiration date, what, with the course of time, can become a big big problem.

Let us remember which are the problems caused by overdue make-up?

1. The overdue lipstick

It can dry up your lips and cause a little open sore on them that can be from aphtha to depht cuts.

2. The overdue bb cream, face powder and concealer make-up

When those products are overdue, they can cause dermatitis, inflammation of a bodily part and allergies, too.

3. The overdue mascaras, eyeliner and eyeshadows

Eyes, as the most sensibility part of the face, when in contact with overdue makeup can suffer from allergic conjunctivitis and, even worse, the loss of eyelashes.

Now that we know about the danger of using beauty products with validity expired, how can we avoid this situation? Simple: we must observe the color, texture and smell of those products that, normally, have a certain period to expire. If any of those characteristics change, you already know: it is time to throw them out. In addition, a simple tip is to note the expiration date on a paper and keep it in a safe place, where you can quickly find.

From now on, you already know: overdue makeup nevermore.