Experimental Producer: How to Collaborate

On the third floor of the number 900 of Paulista Avenue, in front of the water fountains on the corridor that leads to the Public Relations and Radio, TV & Internet´s students to the Rockafé, there is a door with three words written on it: Audiovisual Experimental Producer. As soon as you open that door, you can see a few computers, chairs, a huge TV on the left wall, some shelves and cabinets on the opposite side, a few animation figures over the tables, posters, pictures and some souvenir over the walls.

This room brings life to one of the most importants Cásper Líbero’s nucleus. The Experimental Producer, created on 2005, is responsible for the productions of the shows Me Avisa Que Eu Vou and Edição Extra. It also created some of the Eads of the university, participates on the programming of Festa Gazeta, at Radio Gazeta AM, and gave life to the Calouro Show (a special show created to welcome the Cásper’s freshmen). Besides that, the Producer helps students to develop their knowledge on the courses and to produce their ideas.  

Photo by Lais Martins

“If someone has any doubt on how to use filming equipment’s, for example, she can - and must - come here to ask for our help and we'll help with that. One thing that often happens is that the student has an idea, but doesn't know how to produce it. So they come here and together we make it happen”, affirms Gabriela Bueno, RTVI student and monitor of the Producer since last year.

Gabriela also told Her Campus that she became a monitor by knocking on the door of the third floor and asking if there were anything linked to content production for her to do. They gave her a project and, after that, she has never left the comfortable room on the third floor. “My last supervisor saw that I had a lot of will for doing the services, so he invited me to be a permanent collaborator. A few months later, a vacancy to run for monitor became available and I applied. They chose me”.

Any student can become a permanent collaborator, all that it takes is to knock on the door, just like Gabi, and ask for works to do. Vitor Muniz, also a RTVI student and monitor, said that the Producer has, somewhat, 20 permanent collaborators now and they have already made a reunion with 70 people! “The growing involvement of the students with the projects is essential for the growth of contents and for their professional growth,” says the monitor.

Producer´s monitors and collaborators (Photo by Lais Martins)

Along with Vitor and Gabi, Júlia Tiê, Júlia Zayas and Beatriz Issler complete the team of monitors. If you study at Cásper Líbero, you’ve probably seen their faces starring Me Avisa Que Eu Vou, which is transmitted via Facebook and Youtube. This show is one of the pilots of the Producer, alongside with Edição Extra. Both are monthly aired, though the first is transmitted and repercuted internally, once it contains special information to the university’s students. TV Gazeta transmits the second one on the first Sunday of all months over the year. Edição Extra approaches various themes, such as refugees, fake news, alternative musical styles, feminism, sports, among others. “The students are involved on both shows. They help us with all processes, since the construction of the schedule till the production of the show”, ensures Gabi.

Júlia Zayas (left) and, Gabriela Bueno (right) on Me Avisa Que Eu Vou (Source: Facebook)

Gabi, Beatriz Issler, Ana Fanelli and Júlia Tiê at the Producer´s room (Photo by Lais Martins)

Talking about the students that participate in the productions, they guarantee that the Producer was fundamental on their growth on the courses. In RTVI you got to learn by practice and the Producer provided me this practical part. I barely knew a thing when I started my course. Now I am at the fourth month and I have already learnt a lot, thanks to the Producer. The monitors have always helped and guided me”, says Pedro Yoshida, freshman at RTVI.

Ana Fanelli, third year student of Journalism, agrees that it is essential to get the hands dirty at the communication: “The classes are very important and very complete, but if you don’t practice what you learn you can’t improve yourself professionally. Here has always been a place for the students to develop by blending the academic world with the job market. We integrate the courses so we all can learn together about, for example, institutional videos, publicity videos, journalism, fiction… it is very broad”.

This Casper Líbero’s important nucleus invites the students to collab and grow at the communication environment. The projects produced there will count to integrate your curriculum and guarantee additional hours. The Producer attends the students after the morning classes until the beginning of the night classes. You just have to knock on their door!

Calouro Show (Source: Facebook)