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Everything you need to know about celebrity cosmetic brands – from what to invest in to the best products

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In the latest years, the world of beauty brands has seen a huge tendency of celebrities creating their own cosmetic brands – from makeup to hair care lines and skincare. The number of brands founded by the biggest personalities has grown, even if they aren’t immediately associated with the beauty industry. The cosmetic world has always depended on big names to make their products sell, but celebrities have now gotten over advertisements and have started their own beauty realm. 

According to Business Insider, over 25 celebrities and influencers have launched beauty or skincare products over the course of the last three years. Therefore, it has become harder to identify which celebrity brands are worth the investment and which are merely a simple way for them to make money.

So here’s everything you need to know about celebrity cosmetic brands – are they worth it?

Rare Beauty – Selena Gomez

Rare Beauty has gained it’s way to the makeup lover’s hearts! The brand was created by the singer and “Only Murders in the Building” star, Selena Gomez in 2020. Selena’s brand had a quick growth in the self-care market since she prioritized something that many other brands forgot: the importance of her appearance and involvement with the products. Selena told Allure: “The whole time we were creating [Rare Beauty], we were always under the notion that this was going to be also about mental health and creating a safe place for people to connect”. 

Therefore, the brand seems genuine to the public and emphasizes self love and kindness. Besides that, Rare Beauty also donates 1% of all sales to the Rare Impact Fund, to increase access to mental health services in educational settings. The brand also seems extremely relatable to the public, due to their constant social media presence – especially on TikTok, where they are up to date with the latest trends and interacting with their users. The singer’s makeup brand is available in Brazil at Sephora, and their prices vary from US$16,25 to US$48,75 and all products are cruelty free and vegan.

The best product – and the most talked about – is their Soft Pinch Liquid Blush, which viralized on TikTok due to its high pigmentation that allows you to only use one dot of blush for your makeup to be complete. That way, the product lasts a lifetime! On the Sephora website there are 13 shades available and it evaluates to US$ 32,30. Another great product from the brand is their Positive Light Liquid Luminizer, which is perfect for those who love a glittery highlighter, for US$36,30.

Boca Rosa Beauty – Bianca Andrade

The brazilian influencer Bianca Andrade created Boca Rosa Beauty in 2019, eight years after she started her first beauty blog on Youtube with the unforgettable name “Boca Rosa”. However, the brand started to grow in 2020, when Bianca Andrade entered the reality show “Big Brother Brasil”. Even though she was the fifth participant to be eliminated, her appearance in reality made her brand sales grow by 300%. That was all thanks to her marketing strategy in which her wardrobe looks in the house matched the weekly aesthetic of the “Boca Rosa Beauty” Instagram feed.

Because of the products’ success, she recently launched “Pink“, her own avatar in the metaverse, to amplify Boca Rosa Beauty to the digital world!

The best product from the brand is their #MeuVolumão mascara, which has a fluid texture, is highly pigmented and is water resistant. It’s available at the Payot website for US$14,62. Another product that has won its way to our hearts is their Red Lip Tint that has one of the best pigmentations in the Brazilian market, for only US$10,74.

However, it is important to address that many of the “Boca Rosa Beauty” products have a low shade variation, therefore, they are not the most inclusive when it comes to skin tones.

Rhode – Hailey Bieber

Hailey Bieber – also known as Hailey Baldwin – released her very first cosmetic brand in 2022, having its main focus on skin care. Hailey described herself as a “less is more” kind of girl, and her products definitely reflect that. As of its launch, the brand has released five products.

The brand has had many different reactions on social media – some saying it’s amazing and other describing stories of how the brand hurt their skin. However, there was one product that couldn’t come off people’s good reviews: The Peptide Lip Treatment, a lip serum that guarantees hydration. The serum costs US$16, being the most affordable product on the website. The brand hasn’t had any new releases since the last year – besides new editions and flavors of the already known products, like a Passion Fruit Lip Treatment.

On Tiktok, some of their products were mixed with different brands to build the perfect routine. One of the most famous combinations was the Rare Beauty Blush with the Rhode Peptide Glazing Fluid, which goes for US$29.


Replying to @lullbibibi mixing @rhode skin barrier cream with @Rare Beauty blush and honestly love it! it sheers rare beauty so beautifully and it dries down to a beautiful texture 😩🤍 they should fr collab #blushhacks #glowyskin

♬ Take Me to Pluto – idonthateyou

Linha Bruna Tavares – Bruna Tavares

The brand Linha Bruna Tavares was idealized by the brazilian beauty blogger Bruna Tavares, who started her career as an economic journalist – yes, you could still have your very own make up brand if you have the passion for it! Her entrance to the beauty market was through a lipstick launch. Not too long after, Bruna created her own brand, with a big diversity for her brazilian consumers. 

Her makeup empire currently makes billions every year and has a great variety of products, from eyeshadow to her very own skin care line. However, a product that has stood out in the latests months is their liquid eyeshadow – the BT Velvet – that has more than 20 shades to the moment. The eyeshadow has beautiful colors and blends easily with other products, allowing it to make gorgeous colorful looks. The brand is sold in their own website and in Sephora, with their eyeshadow costing approximately US$8,53. 

Another brand highlight is their most recent collaboration with one of the most lovely Disney characters, Minnie Mouse. The collection has 16 products and focuses mainly on liquid lipstick.

r.e.m Beauty – Ariana Grande

In November 2021, Ariana Grande shocked the world by releasing her makeup brand: r.e.m Beauty. The news caused commotion on social media since the singer was never truly associated with the beauty world and even was described as a simple money grabber. Its first launch was to position itself as a futuristic brand, having many products that while being nothing the public hadn’t seen before, had beautiful and simple packaging that made an impact on social media.

Each launch from the brand has been sectioned into “chapters.” The first chapter was makeup-focused, the second one introduced skin care, and the third brought more complexion products into the mix. Even though they have had a couple of great products, Ariana’s brand doesn’t stand out in the market, since many online users showed the products had little innovation and not the best results out there. However there were two products that stood out. The first one is their Essential Drip Lip Oil, which had a very hydrating formula and it has a cooling metal ball in it’s wand to refresh the lips, going for US$16.

Another product that was really appreciated by the public was released in their fourth chapter, in which they released the very first black and white concealer to make the perfect shade for every skin tone, costing US$24 each.

Fenty Beauty – Rihanna

Fenty Beauty has definitely become one of the biggest celebrity cosmetic brands to date. Fenty made its debut in 2017 and made the best possible first impression by launching the largest range of foundation shades on the market, with over 50 different shades, which is frankly surprising considering the amount of brands available even before the Rihanna’s brand launched.

Since then, Fenty Beauty has executed many different launches that intend to be innovative, like their bronzer stick and their glittery highlighters. Their best selling product is their Soft Matte Foundation, which made them blow in the market and their contour stick, that both cost US$26 and US$24.

Rihanna has also released her own skin care brand: Fenty Skin, but the impact was not as great as that of its makeup brand. Fenty Beauty made a huge social media comeback after Rihanna’s Super Bowl performance this year, in which she was able to make a little space to promote her brand and announce her second pregnancy!

Kylie Cosmetics & Kylie Skin – Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner was one of the first celebrities to launch a beauty brand and make success off of it, creating products that actually satisfied her clients. The brand was released in 2015 and has shaped the beauty industry since. In 2019, the youngest sister of the Kardashian-Jenner family decided to expand her brand to the skin care world and released Kylie Skin.

The brand has continued to launch new products continuously and many different collections, however, there is one product that still has a great impact in the public and is her best-seller product: her Lip Kits. The Lip Kits were the very first product that the beauty guru ever released, after she was involved in a lip filling scandal. The brands made their way to Sephora Brazil in 2022, having their best selling product for US$40.

FRAN by Franciny – Franciny Ehlke

Franciny Ehlke started recording and sharing stories about her school routine on Youtube when she was 13 years old, and has since achieved millions of subscribers and many fans of her makeup routines. She released FRAN by Francine back in 2021 and has been winning people’s hearts due to their good quality products for an affordable price.

Their best selling product is their LipChilli Gloss, sold in three different shades, that promises a shimmer to the lips. The product currently costs US$9. However, it is noted that even though the product’s quality is worth the investment, their packaging seems to constantly have issues, from not working properly to breaking easily. 


The article above was edited by Mariana do Patrocínio. 

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