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I tried R.E.M. Beauty: Here are my thoughts

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Ariana Grande began working on a makeup line in 2019 while on the Sweetener world tour. She kept it completely secret until finally announcing R.E.M. Beauty in late 2021.

Being both a makeup lover and an Ariana fan, I couldn’t wait to check this out. So far she has launched two chapters: “ultraviolet” and “goodnight & go.” I have tried quite a few products from the first chapter and want to share my opinions on some of them.


Although super simple, this is probably one of my favourite products in the first chapter. The packaging is nothing special, but that is never a deciding factor for me. Ariana has some coloured glosses as well, but I am in love with this clear one. The gloss has a beautiful vanilla scent, and when they say “plumping” they mean it. It burns (in a good way).



This product is average. The formula definitely adds some thickness to my lashes and is nice and dark. It does not add much length so when I use this one, I tend to go in with other mascaras on top. Since it adds thickness but minimal length, it actually works really well for bottom lashes! She also has a lengthening mascara so I would be interested to compare the two.

This product works decently, but I’ve tried many mascaras that are better than this one by far. 



Ariana is known for her cat-eye makeup looks, so if she is going to nail one thing in this line, it better be the liquid eyeliner. Thankfully, it lived up to my expectations. The marker tip is super thin, allowing you to create a slick, precise line. The formula is beautiful! It is a true black and dries down waterproof to last all day.

The only downside to this product: I found the super fine tip wore down very quickly, leading to a more difficult application process.



When the makeup line was first announced, this is the product that kept me super interested in the launch. Why? The packaging is adorable! These matte lipsticks are contained in a silver, magnetic tube. At the top, there is a small window that exposes the lipstick shade. The shape of the tube, along with the colour and window makes the lipstick look like a tiny astronaut! Not only is this packaging super creative, but it also sticks to Ariana’s personal branding and love for space.

Besides the packaging, the product is super creamy and does not dry out your lips like many other mattes tend to do. It appears matte on the lips but does not cling to dry spots. I have used better lipsticks, but I do reach for this product quite a bit and the packaging is the icing on top of the cake.



To be honest, when I first saw the pictures of these I was a little worried. They looked great on Ariana, but the photos of them on their own were a little questionable. In the advertisements, they look like they are made from cheap material and seem like they would not look flattering on the eyes. I was pleasantly surprised when I opened my package because they appeared way better in person.

I tried two styles: “eternally meowing” which is wispy and elongating, as well as “grow and show” which is great for a full, dramatic look. The band is super thin, making it almost invisible. This keeps the lashes close to the natural lash line and creates a more appealing look. These lashes have actually become some of my favourites to use!



I don’t wear lip stains often, but I had to try these. I love the applicator being a marker rather than a brush, it keeps it less messy and makes the application kind of fun. I got two shades: “full out” and “popular”. Full out is a bold raspberry red, while popular is a cute pink colour — in honour of the character Glinda from Wicked.

I love this product. It is extremely pigmented, the colour lasts all day and it pairs beautifully with the clear gloss. My only complaint is when I used one of them after applying lip balm, it ruined the applicator and the colour did not show up as well as it did before.


There are many more products that I have yet to try, but I cannot wait to do so. Based on the products I talked about above, R.E.M. Beauty is of great quality and reasonably priced. Although there are some basic products, they all perform well and there are definitely a few stand-out items!

Emma is a fourth year communication and media studies student at Carleton University. She is often found talking about pop-culture, or trying the newest Starbucks drink. She also loves musical theatre, collecting vinyl records and is a huge Ariana Grande fan. Social media director for the 2022/23 Her Campus Carleton team!