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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Casper Libero chapter.

Dyeing the hair is not just throwing paint on it. It takes a lot of care before and after coloring so there will be an excellent result. So, Her Campus talked to Mike Oliveira, hair stylist and make-up artist of various digital influencers and celebrities, to know tricks and secrets for a good coloring of the wires. He serves clients such as Tata Estanieck, Flavia Pavanelli and the Rouge girls.

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For Mike, the first step of making a coloring is to do an evaluation of the yarns to know the quality of the hair and if the fiber is healthy. Then, the ideal would be to make a reconstruction so that the hair receives the paint or is discolored, in case of who wants to become a blonde. Thus, the hair will already be less mistreated by chemicals in the inks.

Those who want to get blonde: it is very important to keep the hair always very well hydrated in the powders. Mike states the leave-in, conditioner and moisturizing masks are very important and irreplaceable. “You can not, in any way, change conditioner through the mask. Hydration should be done only once a week, two at most”, explains.

For those who want to darken the hair, the hair stylist claims shampoos that promise to keep the color for longer will fulfill their role giving more durability in color and maintaining a more beautiful look as well.

Hair Dye X Hair Toner

According to the hairdresser, the toner is ideal for those who want to make a slight change. This is because it leaves a lighter color than tincture as it does not alter the structure of the wires. The downside is that as it is weaker, it begins to fade after few washes. On the other hand, the dye is for those who want a more radical change, as it opens the hair cuticles making the color stronger and longer lasting.

Casperians that paint the hair often

1. Karem Keiko – 3rd year of Journalism

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Probably you’re reading this story thinking about Karem. The Casperian owns one of the most desired strands of the Paulista 900 and is not only for the vibrant colors, but also for the impeccable care and retouching. The ganzá rhythmist says that she began to paint her hair in 2013, when she tried to paint in blue, but the color did not pick up right and her hair was a bit blond.

“From there until now, I have painted red hair, light brown and platinum blonde. I painted pink and now I have gone bluish black. The first few times I painted I was too scared to ruin my hair, so I did it in salon.” The journalism student give the tip: to discolor and to paint the hair, it is always good to leave it very dirty so the scalp gets more protected.

“After the blue, I could do it alone. I always used coconut oil to moisturize and I always used shampoo for colored hair.” Karem confesses that her hair has already suffered from the chemistry of paints. “My hair has already suffered a lot of chemical cutting, but since I don’t care about hair at all, I cut it short when it happened, and always moisturize with specific hair products with chemistry. I tried my best not to use hot water to wash because it dries my hair”, she says.

2. Izabella Galvão – 1st year of Advertising and Propaganda

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The PP freshman is also one of the fans of colored hair. Izabella does not give up the basic care, such as hydration, a little iron and thermal protector when drying the hair. In addition, she gives the hint: “hydration is usually before bathing. [Eventually] use apple cider vinegar (to get the elasticity of the yarn), white cream and coconut oil”. Now that Iza is blonde, she recommends using the shade during the bath to keep the wires to stay greyer.

3. Gabriella Bueno – 2nd year of Radio, TV and Internet

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Gabi made her first dye at the age of 12, when she made a pink wick in her hair. Unfortunately, on her second attempt, when trying to be redheaded, she accidentally ruined her hair. It took a while to get back to what it was before because it was always discolored and painted in color.

While the wires could not handle more chemistry, Gabi gave up for a while to paint it. She adjusted the color with a toner until the wires were healthy again. Then, the student of RTVI painted the hair of blonde and sporadically painted pink. “He’s not 100% healthy yet, but he’s got a lot better already.” According to Gabi, the main challenge for those with blonde hair is to make hydration frequently and not let the laziness take over when it comes to taking care of the hair.

4. Luiza Villena – Graduated in PR in 2017

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Lu made a red wick in her hair when she was only nine years old because of a SBT novel, and after that, she did not stop. Since then it has been pink, green, blonde, with California strands and even almost platinum. For the newest PR, in relation to the care of the threads, it is a bit of luck because there has always been a lot of hair chemistry and she never had the wires dry. But, of course, she does not stop caring for the strings. Lu does hydration every week, uses thermal protector and tries to use natural products.

Anna is a 21 year old from Sao Paulo, Brazil, who studies Journalism at Casper Libero University. She’s currently the Editor in Chief of Her Campus CL's Chapter and is pretty obsessed with fashion, beauty and (trashy) reality TV shows.