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Everything We Know About Dua Lipa´s Critically Acclaimed Album “Future Nostalgia”

We have been waiting for a new Dua Lipa album since 2017 and now we finally got to hear the eleven songs compiled in “Future Nostalgia”. Yay! Hitting 89 points at Metacritic with high notes from many critics around the globe, the popstar built new hits, capable of being even more stuck in our heads than “New Rules” and “IDGAF” – which we thought was impossible. So, here is everything we know about the new album!

The Album Leaked

During the last week of March, on the 2nd, Dua Lipa had a big surprise. Her new album, that was due in 12 days, had been leaked and was available all over internet. The next day, the popstar appeared in a livestream on her Instagram account to explain the situation. She was very upset, because she was thinking about postponing the album due to the coronavirus crisis – like Lady Gaga and Sam Smith – before it got leaked. “I’ve been a little bit conflicted about putting music out and you know, whether it’s the right thing to do during this time because lots of people are suffering”, she said while tearing up. Lipa then explained that “Future Nostalgia” would be out on March 27th, a week before it was first settled.

Best Career Charts

Despite its early release, Dua Lipa landed her first top 10 album on the Billboard 200 chart – a list that ranks the most popular albums weekly in the U.S. based in multi-metric consumption – as “Future Nostalgia” debuted at number 4. Also, it reached a billion streams on Spotify less than a week after it was launched. And, beating new records, Lipa became the first female artist with more than one album at the UK charts – with “Future Nostalgia” on the first position and “Dua Lipa” on the 16th.


She decided to start her new era with the single “Don’t Start Now”, which talks about moving on and not letting anyone get in her way. The song presents a disco vibe, a perfect fit to sing while on the dance floor with friends. “It felt like a natural first song choice as I made it with the brilliant same crew I made ‘New Rules’ with”, she pointed

Dua Lipa and her team built and developed a pop revival, reminding the 80’s and 90’s love songs and focusing on the “club culture” full of ballads. “Pretty Please” is the only song that demonstrates vulnerable feelings, while the others bring girl power and kind of a bossy atmosphere, with a “I know what I want” and self-determination vibe. The third track “Cool”, a collab with Tove Lo, has an addictive chorus and Dua emphasizes the idea of being “in control of what I do”. 

The whole album idea is synthesized in the title track, “Future Nostalgia”, that claims a visionary classic status. “I know you ain’t used to a female alpha”, she sings repeatedly.

The Process

Referring to her first album, she didn’t want to recreate the record. As an artist, she was ready to be risky and change her perspective, she said in an interview. That settled, Dua Lipa prepared songs that were performatic, so she could create choreographies for the tour – we already saw that she performed “Don’t Start Now” a lot, like the classic pop divas Madonna and Lady Gaga. “Because of the time that I’d spent on the road touring with my band I wanted “Future Nostalgia” to have a lot more of a live element, but mixed together with modern electronic production”, she affirmed.

Haven’t heard already? Go and check it out!


The article above was edited by Laura Okida.

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