“The End of The F***ing World”: The Best Worst TV Show Ever Produced

It’s widely known that movies and TV shows companies, such as Netflix, Amazon  and HBO GO, are frequently providing new content for their consumers in order to please their entertainment cravings. Usually, the productions follow some sort of cliché script or story, leaving less space to an overturn at the plot and assuring some kind of success. Nonetheless, at The End of The F***ing World Netflix surely did not follow those rules. 

The show became worldwide popular after an international first run, in January 5. Before that, it had been available since October only in the United Kingdom, country where the story takes place. Following its debut, the TV show became very popular and was quickly binge-watched by the most affectionate users, that soon started to express their opinion to world. 

My first impression after the first episode was that The End Of The F***ing World was totally nonsensical, once characters were children doing a lot of dangerous things. 

Image Source: IMDB

The plot revolves around two main characters. James (Alex Lawther), a 17 year old teenager boy, truly believes that he is a psychopath, once his hobbies include kill small animals and he has no feelings towards anyone. He had no friends in school until Alyssa (Jessica Barden), another lonely 17-year-old girl, who decides to talk to him. 

After a weird first date and a lot of stupid opinions, both rebel teenagers decide to run away leaving their families in an ordinary afternoon, without even letting their parents know. James accepts Alyssa’s proposal to leave the city because he was interested in ending her life and finally becoming the psychopath he thought he was. On the other hand, the girl aims to start a new life from scratch and to find her father. 

As the show goes by, the main characters become very close and start to begin to nurture true feelings for one another, captivating the audience. The repudiation towards the plot of the show is slowly demystified and the cliches ideas are, definitely, nowhere to be found. 

Image Source: IMDB

It is impossible to know, for sure, what happened in the last episode of season one. The end of the season was planned in a way that there is more than one possibility for the last event portrayed in the TV show. Thus, once the first season has only eight episodes, it’s unknown if a second season is going to exist.

The only real problem of this TV show is that, once you started watching is quite impossible to stop until you have finish all season. Producers were great by doing a lot of nonsense things, that mingle with the plot. It works really, really well to vitiating viewers. 

With all that, The End Of the F***ing World is, in my opinion, the best worst TV show ever produced. It is worth watching because the plot is very good and you get shocked after every episode. However, is important to say that it´s not a TV show for young people, since it shows a lot of violence and bad ideas, that can seduce young minds. I can say that is a great way to kill time in raining or lazy days. You will be able to enter in the world of crazy teenagers and will constantly question and try to understand why Alyssa and James do what they do, even though almost everything is a bad idea.